Extension of Tram 72 between Simmering and Schwechat…

Instead of the announced extension of tram line 72 between Simmering and Schwechat, more regional buses will now run at the federal state border.

Instead of the planned extension of tram line 72, the regional bus service between Schwechat (Bruck ad Leitha district) and the Vienna U3 station Simmering is now to be extended. Lower Austria's deputy Udo Landbauer (FPÖ) and Schwechat's mayor Karin Bier (SPÖ) identified a “quick, uncomplicated solution” on Thursday. It can be implemented from autumn 2026 or spring 2027. After that, it will be assessed and decided whether tram line 72 is needed in the area.

Bus timings and waiting times have been announced to be reduced. Lines 217 (Himberg-Rannersdorf-Simmering) and 218 (Himberg-Zwölfaxing-Simmering), previously running every hour, will in future connect lines 272 (towards Bruck) and 279 (towards Manswörth) every ten minutes. . It was emphasized that around 130,000 people in the tract catchment area would benefit from the improved services.

Operating costs for buses are “significantly lower” than tram fares.

A target implementation date of late 2026/early 2027 is “at least two years before the earliest possible completion of tram line 72”. Also, the annual operating costs of between 1.2 million euros (diesel vehicles) and 1.8 million euros (for electric vehicles) are significantly lower than the roughly 2.9 million euros in line 72 initially.

A concept of 72 lines was made public in 2022. The 6.4 kilometer line is planned to be operational from 2025 between Simmering and Schwechat. It was now said that the idea should be adhered to in principle. “We are certainly not blocking the rail option, but we want to come up with an optimal solution for people's welfare quickly and in a non-bureaucratic way. It is necessary to augment regional bus transport with a rail-based transport solution,” Landbauer and Baier said in a written statement.

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Landbauer (FPÖ): “Once the new buses are put into operation, they will be re-evaluated”

“We have found the best solution for the region in a short period of time. “Once the new buses are put into operation, they will be re-evaluated and a decision will be made as to whether or not the project, worth around 150 million euros, is needed,” announced Landbauer.

Regarding the tram for Schwechat, there is already an agreement between the governor of Lower Austria, Johanna Mikl-Leitner (ÖVP) and the mayor of Vienna, Michael Ludwig (SPÖ), the transport spokesman of the Lower Austrian Greens, Georg Ecker: “The number 1 soil sealer in Lower Austria, Udo Landbauer, will be sent to the state. If the state governor appoints a traffic councilor, the result is not surprising: Instead of using modern mobility solutions, millions flow in expropriating farmers in Wiener Neustadt to prevent traffic congestion in the area around Vienna.” (APA)

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