The first flight of the space shuttle was very daring

It’s hard to imagine the thrill of NASA engineers… in the spaceship First time flying.

Without motivation, it is driven by one Boeing 747 Aerial before landing again. The crew must also have nerves of steel.

Hydraulic press: Apple’s iPad ad is very realistic

A first in part iPad Pro presentationRecently, a video shown by Apple has created a sensation. Things can be found in business… iPad Pro Everyone can be changed. Including tools and retro slot machine. Then, they’re told by one, noting how thin the new iPad Pro isn’t Hydraulikpresse Crushed.

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operators of Hydraulic press channels I wanted to know how realistic Apple’s controversial position really is.

Without oxygen in the world’s deepest pool

It is 40 meters Y-40 Inside Italy deep. It turns out to be the deepest pool in the world. French diver Guillaume Neri He sank to the bottom of this special swimming pool in one breath.

Hotwheels on the water slide

Here the boys compete An empty water slide with toy cars under. Especially the camera perspective makes this an amazing video.

World’s fastest drone

That is almost 500 km per hour World’s fastest drone flew away Here’s how it was built and how the world record attempt went.

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