Mayor George Willey: “Strive for a caprice coalition”

Because of his “rough edges”, he considers himself the favorite in next Sunday's run-off and has already made up his mind about a coalition. Mayor and leading Green Party candidate George Willey in an interview.

“In addition to mobilization – the question of who has a clear profile will be key. The mayoral election is a personal election,” says George Willey, mayor of Innsbruck and top candidate for the Green Party. In Sunday's run-off election, he will run against Johannes Anzengruber from the “Yes – Now Innsbruck” list, a former ÖVP deputy mayor who is running with his own list after his ouster.

Willie “led the city through the crisis for six years, I paid off a lot of debt and made a lot more investments. “When it comes to the most important issue, affordable housing, I have clearer ideas than Johannes Anzengruber.”

If he does not win the election, he will remain in the city senate and work for a coalition between the Greens, “Yes” and the SPÖ so that previously blocked projects can be implemented. They are willing to make decisions and implement. This coalition, a “Caprese coalition,” as Willy puts it, is his goal as mayor.

George Willey in a “magazine” interview.

Journalist: You said on election night that you are the favorite in the second phase of the election on April 28. A day later you talked about a 50/50 chance. So who was Sunday's favourite?

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