Plus 11 percent – Reds cheer for “AK election bang” in Hollabrun district

The Reds cheered when they saw the results of the labor chamber elections from April 10 to 23: FSG district chairman Karl Schauer, chamber councilor Christian Kauer and SPE district chairman Stephan Hinderberger, the Social Democratic wing trade unionists were delighted. In Hollabrunn district it increased by 11 percent to reach 60.2 percent.

“We are happy with the historically good result in the district,” Schauer said proudly of the “AK election victory.” Gaur thanked all the union executives who participated in this election campaign and pledged to “run for our president, Marcus Wieser, but most of all for our employees in the district.”

For the two unionists, the result makes it clear that many visits to on-site establishments are positively received by employees and that the continued assistance of the labor union is clearly valued. Schauer and Kauer would like to give special thanks to the FSG Regional Secretariat: “Sabine Moustafa and Anita Vrtis have done a great job.”

“Many thanks to Carl Schauer and Christian Kauer, all the members of the task force and everyone who helped – the victory proves that the social democratic trade unionists in the district are right and confirms their good work,” praises Hinderberger. For the Reds, it was “certainly an important start to a big election year.”

He is happy that FSG and SPÖ are united in the district and will continue to fight together for this cause. “We are proud of our union members,” congratulated Hinterberger.

“The neoliberal fantasy of reducing unpaid labor costs, which would mean fewer benefits for employees, and the fairy tale of increasing working hours to 41 hours, currently being told by the ÖVP trade union, will now come to an end”. Union members are thankful that employees in the district openly recognize “which factions are committed to their concerns.”

Results in Holabrun District:

  • FSG: 60,2 % (+11)
  • NÖAAB-FCG: 22,3 % (-12,6)
  • FA-FPÖ: 14.1 % (+3.7)
  • AUGE/UGE: 1.9 % (-0.9)
  • LP: 0,4 % (-0,2)
  • KOIntern: +0.6%

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