Wilimski on asylum: “Don't let anyone in”

Harald Wilimski, the FPÖ candidate for the EU elections in June, was a guest on ZIB2 yesterday and commented on his party's asylum policy. Wilimski said he sees Australia or Hungary as models. For example, Australia turns away boats with refugees, while in Hungary no one applies for asylum. He wants to achieve it for Austria. The possibility of applying for asylum on European soil is an incentive for people to come. But instead, protection should be made possible in the region of origin. You “don't let anyone in,” says Wilimski.

In order to implement this, it is conceivable that “a kind of joint effort between the police and the military” at the European level to protect the borders. Marketing activities in countries of origin are also possible.

Will vote for Trump

Apart from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Vilimski also considered former US President Donald Trump as a political friend. Wilimski said that as an American citizen, he will vote for Trump. It did not start a war and crippled America's role as world policeman. Wilimski doesn't see Trump inciting a right-wing mob to attack the Capitol. The events of January 6, 2022 are controversial, he said.

Wilimski also commented on the statements of FPÖ leader Herbert Kiegle last week. At the FPÖ New Year's reception in Styria, Gicl said about the coronavirus pandemic, “the long-sought list of fugitives from responsibility, Nehhammer, Rauch, Edstadler, Kögler, Schallenberg …”. It's a “semantic representation,” says Wilimski. Politics has symbolic language. Those addressed should vote in the election “as democratically as possible.”

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The EU election is a “referendum” on the course of the Union, which has many powers, as well as the issue of migration and the fight against inflation. FPÖ is ahead.

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