Arnold Schwarzenegger was detained at Munich Airport

Arnold Schwarzenegger's commitment to climate protection has landed him in trouble with customs officials. He was detained at Munich airport on Wednesday afternoon.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was held up by customs at Munich airport for two and a half hours on Wednesday. He reportedly did not register a valuable luxury watch that he wanted to auction off for his climate charity ahead of the Hahnencomh races. Criminal tax proceedings were initiated against the Hollywood star. Schwarzenegger's climate initiative declared that “certainly everything will be properly reported and taxed.”

Additionally, there was a rhetorical counterattack against the Munich customs. Schwarzenegger co-opted all the while, “It's an inept investigation, a total comedy of errors, but it would make for a really fun cop movie.” Of course he immediately agreed to pay the fee—”consider”—that he should pay for your own watch. The “Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative” did not specify the exact amount. According to an online report by “Bild” newspaper, the “Terminator” is said to have paid 35,000 euros. Thomas Meister, a spokesman for Munich's main customs office, declined to provide any information – as is usual in such cases. “We have initiated criminal tax proceedings. The watch should have been registered as it is an import.” Although said to remain in the EU, the clock is not registered.” If the goods are in the EU, they must be taxed and declared. It applies to everyone.” The “governor” was allowed to take the clock with him to Tyrol after the official ceremony.

A privately owned luxury watch

This luxury watch belongs to “Styrian Oak”, which is special and unique from Audemars Piguet. Schwarzenegger will auction them for a good cause along with other exhibits at his heritage climate charity on Thursday at the Stanglwirt in Going. Starting price: 50,000 euros.

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The two-and-a-half to three-hour official act is likely to have taken deep roots in the “Styrian Oak” memory. He was never asked to fill out a tax form, and he answered customs officials' questions honestly and conscientiously – despite the “total joke”. But after he agreed to pay everything immediately, the officers spent an hour unable to use the credit card machine properly and finally gave up and asked him to withdraw money from the machine to pay the desired amount. . But the bank was also closed as the amount was too high at the ATM they chose. Back at the customs office, a new official now finds a working machine.

Spokesman Meister declined to comment on the procedure due to “financial regulations.” According to “Bild,” Customs allegedly questioned Schwarzenegger about personal matters such as children, a partner or assets. Styrian reportedly asked why the authorities needed to know this, and explained that the watch would eventually be donated to a good cause. “This is the problem Germany suffers from. 'You can no longer see the forest for the trees,'” the Hollywood star was quoted as saying, and the problem has been overcome for the time being.

Meister said such a procedure would take a certain amount of time to comply with regulations. Especially if there is “a lot of baggage”. It is also envisaged that “personal information” should be provided if an investigation is initiated. A distinction should also be made between “mandatory information” and “voluntary information”, the spokesperson said.

Schwarzenegger, for his part, let it be known that the “Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative” will be properly reported and taxed like all his non-profits. “His charity auctions raise millions of dollars each year for after-school programs for children in the United States and for environmental work around the world. “We believe that Germany is investing as much energy in restructuring its economy as it is in taxing people's property to create the environment” was a clear criticism. “Next time they won't ask him to pay customs duty on his clothes,” Schwarzenegger's organization said.

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The “Styrian Oak” will not miss the Hahnenkamm races again this year. At the same time, Schwarzenegger will once again be the center of a social parade in Kitzbühel. After a “special dinner for climate action” on Thursday, the superstar will also attend the famous Weisswurst party in Stanglwirt on Friday. (APA)

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