Ukraine War: Zelensky Accuses China of Blocking Peace Summit

As of: June 2, 2024 9:30 pm

Ukrainian President Zelensky is again seeking solidarity at the international level – now at the Asian Security Conference in Singapore. There he sharply criticized China: Beijing had thwarted peace efforts.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was a surprise guest at the Singapore Defense Summit. His goal: to convince important countries in Asia of his position and encourage them to participate in a peace summit. It will be held in Switzerland in two weeks.

Zelensky criticized China at a press conference for trying to prevent it from participating in the summit: “Unfortunately, Russia is using China’s influence and using Chinese diplomats to disrupt the peace summit. Unfortunately, how can such a large, independent and powerful country turn China into a tool in Putin’s hands.”

Zelensky will also have the support of Germany at the summit in Singapore. State Secretary of the Foreign Office Tobias Lindner explains: “Of course we talk about the situation in Ukraine in bilateral talks. We make it clear how the situation in Ukraine is intertwined with the Indo-Pacific security situation. We advertise that North Korea “want to ensure that as many states as possible participate in the peace conference in Switzerland.”

China shakes it off

So far, Zelensky said, more than 100 states and organizations have confirmed their participation in the Swiss summit in mid-June. To his chagrin, China did not want to participate, although the country could make an important contribution, especially in relation to food security and nuclear security.

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Not to support either Russia or Ukraine, Chinese Defense Minister Tang Jun said in Singapore: “Regarding the Ukraine crisis, China has promoted peace talks with a responsible approach. We have not provided weapons to any of the conflicting parties. Not doing anything. We stand firmly on the side of peace and dialogue.”

Peace Summit Without Biden

In an hour-long meeting with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in Singapore, Zelensky hinted that Russia’s meddling efforts could be thwarted if the respective heads of state come to the summit if possible. By doing so, the Ukrainian once again implicitly criticized US President Joe Biden as unlikely to travel to Switzerland, but only as a high-level representative.

However, Zelensky thanked the United States for recent offers of military aid. They can now conduct limited strikes against Russian territory to prevent Russia from expanding its war zone further. In addition to the United States, Zelensky also mentioned countries such as Germany and the Netherlands and particularly highlighted the supply of anti-aircraft systems.

put pressure on Russia

The peace summit in Lucerne should focus primarily on three aspects: prisoner exchange, food and nuclear security. It also aims to put more pressure on Russia to return kidnapped Ukrainian children. Zelensky accused Putin of abducting 20,000 children. After the summit, a plan is to be handed over to Russia. Participation in the peace conference will increase pressure on Russia.

So Zelensky hopes that other countries will participate in the summit. In Singapore, he held bilateral talks with Indonesia’s president-elect and Singapore’s new prime minister, Lawrence Wong. So far over the weekend he has only been able to accept it from the small Southeast Asian nation of Timor-Leste.

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Following a security summit in Singapore, Zelensky traveled to the Philippines to promote participation in a peace conference there.

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