Pentagon spokesman: “We are not at war with Houthi militias” – Politics –

Despite repeated attacks on positions of Iran-backed Houthi militias in Yemen, the US is not involved in the war, a US Department of Defense spokesman said. “We don't want war. We don't believe we're at war,” Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said in Washington on Thursday (local time). Meanwhile, Houthi rebels attack US merchant ship again; The US said the cargo ship was not damaged.

The US Central Command post at X noted that two anti-ship ballistic missiles were fired at the tanker. However, these only attack water. A Houthi spokesman said in a statement late Friday that the rockets had hit their target. The incident was first reported by a monitoring agency, and no damage was done to the ship.

Singh said the Houthis were the ones who continued to fire anti-ship missiles and anti-ship missiles at innocent sailors and merchant ships in the Red Sea. “What we do together with our partners is defense.”

The US military launched another attack on Houthi positions. Two anti-ship missiles were hit, prompting the Houthis to prepare for an upcoming shelling attack in the Red Sea. Hours earlier, the United States hit 14 Houthi rockets that were ready to launch Thursday night. A Pentagon spokesman said military strikes would continue if necessary, calling on Houthi fighters to halt attacks on international shipping.

The United States and Great Britain, backed by allies, launched a comprehensive military offensive against the Houthis last week in response to a series of attacks in the Red Sea. Since the start of the Gaza war between Israel and Islamist Hamas, Houthi fighters have repeatedly attacked cargo ships with alleged Israeli links. The spread of forest fires is a concern. “We don't want a regional war,” Singh said.

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