Three US soldiers killed in drone strike in Jordan

As of: January 28, 2024 8:09 pm

Three US soldiers were killed and several injured in the drone strike. US President Biden blamed Iran-backed militant groups. According to the US, the attack reportedly took place in Jordan, near the Syrian border.

A drone strike in Jordan, near the Syrian border, killed three American soldiers and wounded several others, the United States said. US President Joe Biden said the attack was carried out by “extremist, Iran-backed militant groups” operating in Syria and Iraq. However, they are still in the process of gathering facts about the attack.

Biden threatened: “Make no doubt — we will hold accountable all those responsible at the time and in the manner we choose.”

Contradictory Location information

The U.S. military's regional command, CENTCOM, spoke of 25 wounded soldiers. A US base in northeastern Jordan was attacked on Sunday. However, the news channel Al-Jazeera quoted a Jordanian government official as saying that the US base that was hit was outside Jordan.

Jordanian state TV reported, citing a government spokesman, that the attack took place across the border from Syria.

Pro-Iranian militias in Iraq claimed responsibility for the attack and said they had hit four US military bases, including three in Syria. Northeastern Jordan borders Syria and Iraq.

The drone came from Syria

According to US media, this is the first time US soldiers have been killed in an enemy attack in the Middle East since the war between Israel and Hamas began in October. CNN reported that the drone came from militias backed by Iran, but apparently from Syria. It is not clear why the air defense was unable to intercept the drone. US bases in Iraq and Syria in particular have recently been targeted by drone and missile attacks. The United States has repeatedly stressed that it fears the ongoing conflict in the Middle East could escalate into a regional war.

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American troops have long used Jordan as a base. About 3,000 soldiers are usually stationed there.

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