Balance sheet and overview – Klosterneuburg Chamber of Commerce invited to the New Year's reception

As branch head Markus Fuchs pointed out, the Lower Austrian economy is characterized by “unusual strength and broad composition”. Despite the challenging times, the Fuchs branch president can currently point to 2,324 active member companies, 115 apprentices and 363 new start-ups.

The region's economic activity is underscored by numerous interactions with members who contact their branch office in person, by phone or email. The most common topics are still energy prices, subsidies and support as well as the supply situation and the situation in the labor market.

“As a regional interest group, our primary goal is not only to create better economic conditions for the region, but also to provide better service to our member companies. The number of member contacts registered by the branch office in 2023 shows that this offer is accepted,” emphasizes branch president Fuchs.

Confidence despite challenges

2023 is a year marked by challenges for many companies. High interest rates, inflation, cost increases and staff shortages in the current economic climate have and continue to impact companies. Nevertheless, the Lower Austrian economy remains optimistic – “This is shown by the unbroken entrepreneurial spirit, the innovative strength and creativity of our companies,” emphasizes branch president Fuchs.

Approximately 400 guests accepted the invitation of the WKNÖ branch, including district captain Andreas Reimer, mayor and member of state parliament Christoph Kaufmann, deputy mayor Roland Honeder, city councilor Leopold Spitzbard, city councilor Maria Theresia Eder, former WKNÖ state president Sonja Schwazl, Markus Gschweidl and monastery economic Directed by Andreas Gahleitner.

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