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In terms of dividend yield, ATX outperforms other indices.

How about the dividend year 2024? After the record year of 2023, in which ATX companies paid a total of 6 billion euros, the final answer to this question is eagerly awaited. Good news for shareholders: For Erste Group analyst Christoph Schultz, there are many signs of an overall trend. Despite the challenging economic environment, 2024 will be a record dividend year. Most of the ATX companies have already provided figures for the 2023 financial year and have also communicated dividend plans to general meetings.

“If you look at the dividend plans of the ATX heavyweights, you can estimate the current 2024 dividend season relatively well,” Schultz says in an interview with Porson-Curier. And that's actually fine: that's what she wants OMV Distribute a special dividend of 2.95 euros (2023: 2.80 euros) and 2.10 euros (2023: 2.25 euros) per share. Partners The first group Expect 2.70 euros per share (2023: 1.90 euros). The CollaborationThe board intends to pay the general meeting a special dividend of 0.75 euros per share (2023: 1.15 euros) in addition to 3.40 euros per share (previous year: 2.44 euros).

You will pay 2.50 euros (2023: 2.10 euros) more per share. andrites. After 3.70 euros per share expected in the previous year PawagShareholders will receive a distribution of 5 euros per share in fiscal year 2023.

die V.I.G It wants to increase the dividend to 1.30 to 1.40 euros per share compared to the previous year. RBI –Shareholders can expect 1.25 euros per share this year, after 0.80 euros last year.

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The minimum dividend will remain constant at 90 cents per share Weinerberger.

Important: Increasing payments

However, he did not want to pay anything in the last financial year Lensing. Another fly in the ointment: Mayer-Melnoff 1.50 euros per share will be paid, lower than the previous year (including a special dividend of 4.20 euros). “This could be due to lower profitability in fiscal 2023,” Schultz says.

In terms of expected dividend for fiscal 2023, OMV leads the ATX again this year with 10.1%, followed by Bawag (9.8%), Uniqa (7.6%) and Post (5.4%). Attentive readers of the Börsen-Kurier know to treat the main man with caution. If it is particularly high, it may indicate a sharp fall in the share price, for example, because profits have grown poorly.

In addition to the basic need for a good cash flow position, experts recommend increasing distribution year-on-year as an excellent sign for dividend hunters. This is especially important in an environment of high inflation

“In general, we've known for a long time that ATX has a lot to offer when it comes to dividends,” Schultes concludes. In fact: with an expected dividend of 6.2% in 2024, the Vienna leading index clearly eclipses the Dax (3%), the Eurostoxx 50 (3.1%) and the S&P 500 (1.4%). Another argument for the domestic leading index: With a P/E of 7.6x (historical average: 13.1x), ATX currently looks very cheap. The Eurostoxx 50 (13.5x), the Dax (12.8x) and the S&P 500 (23.2x) are overvalued.

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