The Caps beat the league leaders in a penalty shootout

On match day 36 of the Win2day ICE Hockey League, Vienna Capitals won 4:3 (np) against Fehervar.

It's hard for the Caps to create dangerous chances early on. The top three are dominated by highly skilled Hungarians. Phillips hammers the puck into the net to make it 0-1 (17th).

The second third starts in favor of the home team. After a great pass from Dikar, Wenger dived the side into the far corner (22'). However, Vienna's happiness did not last long. A minute after the equalizer, the Hungarians regained the lead. Campbell scored after a powerful shot into the near corner (23').

As a result, the Viennese had little to report to and were unable to really profit from their own power plays. After a well-timed cross pass, Bartalis finished the one-timer perfectly to seal the preliminary decision (43').

Heinrich shoots the Caps in overtime

In the final third, Viennese tried again and again, but could not get the puck into the opposition goal for long. Striker Jane Franklin gives fans hope again (55th). A minute before the end of regular time, the equalizer actually happens: Heinrich hammers the puck into the net from distance and equalizes for the Caps.

Neither team was victorious in the extra time that followed. The underdogs won 4-3 in a penalty shootout.

The Caps are picking up important points against the league leaders, while Fehervar are dropping important points and could be overtaken by KAC on Saturday.

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