Early winter – snow for lower altitudes: Lower Austria will be white this weekend

Snow will return to Lower Austria from Saturday. By Sunday, the entire country will be blanketed in snow.

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NAfter unusually mild Christmas weather, the first weekend of the new year brings snow across Lower Austria. Snow will also fall at lower elevations during overnight hours from Saturday to Sunday. At the beginning of the new week, the cold poles of Lower Austria will have temperatures of minus 20 degrees.

Winter returns to Lower Austria this weekend. Snow is expected across Lower Austria this weekend, weather service Ubimet reports, after a start to the New Year. “Saturday will start with rain over low lying areas. “We expect a cloudy and wet day in the Danube region and the eastern plains,” explains Ubimet meteorologist Constantin Brandes when asked by NÖN. On Saturday, the forecaster says the snow line will drop to 500 to 600 meters. The rain will then turn to snow in many areas. “Snow will fall in all parts of Lower Austria during the night from Saturday to Sunday. The snow will decrease in many areas by midday on Sunday. The snow will be heavier on Sunday in the Vienna Woods and the foothills of the Alps,” emphasizes Brandes.

Snow amounts expected over the weekend range from about five to 30 centimeters. Up to five centimeters of snow is expected in Weinviertel and Marchfield. Ten to 15 centimeters of fresh snow will be expected in the east and on the banks of the Danube. Up to 20 centimeters of snow is expected in the west of Lower Austria; In the Waldviertel, Ybbstal Alps and other high altitude areas the snow cover is up to 30 centimeters thick.

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A new week of frost and temperatures dropping to minus 20 degrees

As temperatures will mostly stay below freezing during the day in the coming week, Ubimet reports the fog will remain for at least a few days. Snow is expected across Austria, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. In the cold poles of Lower Austria, such as Zwettl or Allentsteig, temperatures down to minus 20 degrees are possible. “The second half of the week will see frost subside and temperatures will again become more positive during the day. “But fresh snow will no longer be an issue in the new week,” the weather service said.

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