Best Netflix Games for iOS and Android

When Netflix announced it was getting into the gaming business in 2021, few people shook their heads. Described by some as a crazy idea and by others as an act of desperation to combat the loss of customers, not many people were able to gain anything from the announcement.

Yet the streaming service is now gaining a foothold in the gaming world. Interesting and exciting titles are added regularly, and one or two nostalgic games are also included.

If you want to get started with Netflix games, you don't need much more than the Netflix app. Active subscription. Within the app, Netflix has its own category “Mobile games“Ready.

We provide these to you 7 Netflix-Games Before:

  • Twelve minutes: iOS and Android
  • Grand Theft Auto: 3: iOS and Android
  • Grand Theft Auto Sub City: iOS and Android
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: iOS and Android
  • Spirit Fairer: iOS and Android
  • Kingdoms: Three Kingdoms: iOS and Android
  • Terra Nil: iOS and Android

Twelve minutes

Twelve minutes in, we assume the role of a husband whom we meet at his apartment Bird's eye view lead A nameless husband lives there with his wife, trying to dream Time loop to escape This should be done with information about him and the girl Events from both families Collect image creation.

Time reset is always exactly 12 minutes. The husband retains the knowledge gained from previous cycles and feels each reset full of suffering and disappointment.

The Mystery thriller It requires a lot of imagination and good combination skills from us, because constant repetition quickly becomes boring. The game also rewards us with some special twists and a generally harmonious atmosphere of light, music and synchronized voices. Willem Dafoe.

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Although many of the options aren't immediately visible, you can control things just by tapping on them. Twelve Minutes is one of my favorite Netflix games, which is why I ended up playing through every possible ending.

Twelve minutes are free iOS And Android Included with your Netflix subscription.

Grand Theft Auto Trilogy

With the release of GTA 6 just around the corner, Netflix is ​​once again offering a chance to play through the classic from the franchise. Specifically, the streaming service offers GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas in definitive versions. Even if they have to Remasters A lot of criticism came from the lazy implementation of the graphics, but at the end of the day this is what happened GTA-Feeling On that day.

All 3 parts are classic Smartphone and tablet ported. Nothing will be changed in the stories of Tommy Vercetti, Carl Johnson and the unnamed protagonist from Part 3.

By default, it is controlled via Virtual buttons, which are displayed depending on the situation. For example, if we are in a car, the game automatically shows the gas, brake and handbrake buttons. It plays very well GamepadsIt is officially supported.

Grand Theft Auto: 3 (iOS | Android), Grand Theft Auto Vice City (iOS | Android) and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (iOS | Android) are each included for free with your Netflix subscription.

Spirit Fairer

Fans of emotional sports will get their money's worth with Spiritfarer. Here we assume the role of Stella, a woman who comes to the afterlife as the captain of a ship with the souls of the dead. Spiritfarer is one Management-simulation, in which we fulfill the final wishes of souls after death. At the same time we learn more about the stories of souls About our own history.

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Very much based on Spiritfarer Loose structure Offers, lots to do. Farming, mining, fishing and crafting are part of everyday Spiritfarer life. We must constantly introduce new elements to make our boats more elaborate and sweeter to the souls. There are islands to see Important items Including iron ore, gold and cedar wood for us. To cook, we need to build a kitchen on the boat, which allows us to cook all the food available in the game.

Dozens of foods must be invented over time to make souls happy and provide them with food. Although management plays a big role, it StoriesThis makes the game great. Spiritfarer allows us to take as much time as we want. No stress or time limits. It is controlled by virtual buttons and touch elements on the surface; Gamepad support is also available.

Spiritfarer is free iOS And Android Included with your Netflix subscription.

Reigns: Three Kingdoms

Reigns: The Three Kingdoms relies on a very unusual concept. The action takes place during the turbulent final years of the Han Dynasty, when the Yellow Turban Rebellion caused an upheaval. In The role of the common man We will reach the pinnacle of our region through intelligent action, and build ours through intelligent decisions Citizen.

While the story offers interesting insights, the nature of the gameplay is what makes it stand out. Reigns: Three Kingdoms is a card strategy game. We are repeatedly presented with cards that can be viewed by swiping left or right. Like Tinder, trigger various actions and tell story elements. Questions are asked like do we have one Build alliancesEliminate enemies or proselytize to gain new followers.

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Next Strategic text component is also Combat Elements, in which we must constantly prove ourselves against our enemies. Here too, you fight cards with attack strength, life points, and special abilities. While the game basically runs completely offline, these battles can also be fought online against other players. It is controlled with swipe gestures and occasional tap gestures.

Realms: Three Kingdoms Free iOS And Android Included with your Netflix subscription.

Terra Nil

While classic builders bet on expanding from a small village to a megacity, Terra Nil takes the opposite approach. Here we take over a piece of land and make it invisible to human influence. that Reverse city builder Sport makes it our mission to recreate landscapes destroyed by humanity Environmental paradises to change.

In the process, we destroy and remove buildings, shape the soil, remove debris and create Green dotsBring back wildlife. In order to do our work, power plants like wind farms and hydroelectric plants need to be built first. These allow the installation of pumps and detoxifiers Rivers and grassland can be recovered.

To restore nature, we also need resources that we use sparingly. Leaves, the true currency of Terra Nil, are used to build power plants and facilities. Leaves are obtained by reclaiming nature.

Terra Nil is essentially one Very relaxing game For me it represents a welcome change from Cities: Skylines, where our success is by no means a given. No one woke up Respects resources, have to start over. Depending on the level of difficulty, this can happen very quickly, and depending on your progress, it can also be painful.

Terra Nil is free iOS And Android Included with your Netflix subscription.

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