Taylor Swift in America before the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl between the Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers starts at 3:30pm local time on Sunday (12:30pm on Monday/live on RTL and DAZN). Swift has seen 12 of the Kelce's games at the stadium so far, fueling a growing interest in the NFL among his own fans. Whether the music icon will make it to the finals in time has been a big media topic for the past few days. The next concert of their international “Eras Tour” is scheduled for February 16 in Melbourne.

While many football fans are interested in the story of Swift and Kelce, others criticize the hype surrounding the connection and the distraction from what's happening on the field. The whole thing is sure to attract huge amounts of attention and headlines non-stop. Even NFL boss Roger Goodell talked about the “Taylor Swift effect” that boosted the North American Football League's ratings. More than 6,000 media representatives from 26 countries are expected to attend the Las Vegas stadium alone.

If Swift is at the stadium, there will be another aspect that millions of people will be paying attention to: There has been heated debate for weeks over whether the pop star can comment on the US presidential campaign at the Super Bowl. Again – in 2020 – the Democrats could support Joe Biden – and if so, with what effect. The singer, who was named the person of the year 2023 by “Time” magazine, has a huge influence, especially among his fans – the “Swifties”. So Biden's team is hoping for support from a younger generation icon, Republican Donald Trump's team is concerned about the prospect — and wild conspiracy theories about Swift and Kells have been circulating in right-wing circles lately.

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The popular Super Bowl halftime show is almost turning into a sideshow. It's considered one of the biggest stages in the music world – and Usher really has it all to himself this year. In 2011, “Nice & Slow”, “You Make Me Wanna…”, “You Got It Bad” and “Yeah!” The R&B musician, who became world-famous for hits like Black Eyed Peas, was in football. -The scene happened. At halftime of the 58th edition of the NFL Finals, the 45-year-old is now in the spotlight. At a press conference on Thursday, Usher promised a show full of creativity — and roller skates.

The halftime show's music stars, who get paid nothing for their performances but gain a career spotlight and worldwide — and less lucrative — attention, have in the past outshined football stars on the pitch. For example, last year, singer Rihanna not only held an acclaimed performance, but also appeared with an obvious baby bump, thereby announcing her second pregnancy to the world.

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