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April 24, 2024, 3540 characters

Visit Europe while it stands still. When the German band “Geier Strichflug” provided the title line for a song in 1983, it became an instant hit. There is far more truth to be associated with this phrase today than anyone could have wished or imagined 40 years ago.

We are talking about tourism, which has been increasing in vigor and strength over the years. Especially Europe is able to register one after another. Tourists from all over the world flock to the old continent. Maybe to watch it again, or to trade his savings for memories. However, in the meantime, this trend has already reached its limits, not only affecting physical or economic pressure capacity, but also creating economic consequences that fuel more and more conflict.

Demonstrations in the Canary Islands One trend may be that price effects in many tourist areas are another, and the growing gap in the balance of wealth of individual countries is more alarming.

The truth is, Despite Ukraine, cyber-attacks, terrorist threats, rising inflation and a war in the Middle East, the number of tourists, especially in Europe, has been increasing for years. The awareness of freedom, beauty, relaxation or distance is greater than it has been in a long time. SARS-CoV-2 was certainly a stimulus for people to think more clearly throughout their lives, military conflicts a few 100 kilometers to the right of their front door do not really leave anyone indifferent and import their will. Enjoying security in their well-being.

These trends can be confirmed using the example of Spain. Tourists are expected to cross the 200 billion mark in spending this year. For the first time, more than 100 million tourists are expected in Iberia. Growth rates in tourist arrivals and consumption have been over 5% in real terms over the years. High-spending visitors may find the desire for “quality tourism” a sacred one. Tourists are divided into savers and enthusiasts, mass and luxury, but the amount of consumption remains the same.

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In capital markets, this is an interesting area with many approaches. Restaurants and small guesthouses are often not listed on the stock market. But so do hotel chains, car rental companies, cruise operators, airlines, tour operators and restaurant chains. How politics deals with this issue also has potential. In Spain, Italy and increasingly Portugal, tourism is becoming increasingly important as an economic factor. In France, however, it is considered increasingly confusing. The upcoming Olympics in Paris this summer are already being cited by locals as the main reason for the impending exodus from the city. Where the retail sector already announces … In the summer, many people simply “close” Paris. Escape to the country or plan a vacation.

But as always, there is something to remember. If you want to look at the tourism and leisure sector as a natural hedge against wars or similar situations, that will certainly work, but you have to dig deep as usual in your search for good investments. The power is still in the details. Here too, success is common and vacations are no walk in the park.

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