Villachin Bus: First Hydrogen Bus for SI Lines

A hydrogen vehicle is used for the first time in Villach bus transport. The bus is CO2-neutral, handicapped accessible and offers space for 80 people.

Expect an attractive and sustainable new addition to public transport in Villach. The first hydrogen bus is now running on city routes. The hydrogen-powered vehicle is CO2-neutral, has 31 seats and 49 standing spaces and a wheelchair ramp for disabled access. Three monitors in the passenger compartment show the next stops. A terminal allows cashless payments and has audible bus stop announcements. About 350 kilometers per tank. The eco-friendly vehicle is refueled at a mobile filling station at the PostBus area in Villach.

“Hydrogen plays an important role and has great potential when it comes to sustainable mobility, especially in bus transport. In Carinthia, we rely heavily on innovation in hydrogen technology and will focus on this in the future. It is gratifying to have Villach become a pioneer with us,” emphasizes State Mobility Councilor Sebastian Schuschnick, this hydrogen The bus is sponsored on behalf of the government.

Mayor Gunther Albel: “Public transport is a constant concern for the city of Villach, especially in times of changing mobility. Important steps have already been taken with the introduction of BUS:SI lines and a 30-minute regular service. With the new hydrogen bus, we are sending another strong signal – in line with our goal #infinitegreen.

Mobility Officer City Councilor Saska Jabali Ade adds: “With the hydrogen bus, we are testing a new drive technology in urban regular transport for the first time, which has great potential, especially in conjunction with the Infineon Hydrogen project. With the support of the State of Carinthia, we are taking the next, innovative step towards mobility transformation. We are taking.

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