Press reviews of Formula 1 hammer – Lewis Hamilton moves from Mercedes to Ferrari: “Change of the century”

“We knew our partnership would come to a natural end at some point, and that day has now come,” said Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff, explaining the split from Hamilton.
Hamilton said it was “one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make. But the time has come for me to make this move and I'm looking forward to taking on a new challenge.”

“The change of the century,” writes “BFM.TV” from France, and the English “Guardian” talks about a “key moment” for Formula 1.

The press comment on Hamilton's move to Ferrari.

Journal reviews from Germany

Game 1: “Hamilton-Hammer is perfect!”

Sky: “Big hype! Hamilton moves to Ferrari”

Game Show: “Hamilton at Ferrari – The Logical Consequence” “That's real balls, Louis!”

N-TV: “Hamilton Enters Schumi's Realm – Formula 1 Gets Biggest Story Imaginable”

Journal reviews from Italy

Gazzetta dello Sport: “Red coup: with Hamilton, the team of dreams is created. With 80 million euros a year, Ferrari secures two superdrivers. But the vehicle must be at the level of a champion like Hamilton.”

Corriere dello Sport: “Ferrari is putting its future in the hands of Hamilton, a true icon of motorsport. Hamilton believes he has unilaterally terminated his contract to open a new chapter in his career.”

Courier della Sera: “The most successful car driver of all time won an eighth world championship title.”

Ambassador: “A flash you don't expect -Stuttgart axis” Ferrari hopes to end almost 20-year drought with Hamilton.

Republic: “Revolution at Ferrari begins in 2025.”

Newspaper: “From the first day of February, the Formula 1 driver market was on fire.”

Journal reviews from England

Guardian: “The seven-time world champion's decision to leave Mercedes will be remembered as a pivotal moment in the final chapter of his Formula 1 legacy.”

Timings: “The fact that he has yet to drive this year's W15 on track before deciding to move to Ferrari next year is devastating for Mercedes – a team already under huge pressure – and team principal Toto Wolff.”

Telegram: “Lewis desperately wants the eighth title that was so cruelly taken from him in Abu Dhabi in 2021. If he felt that Mercedes would have been in a better position to give him that, he would no doubt have stayed put.”

Daily Mail: Lewis Hamilton shocked the sporting world with his surprise move from Mercedes to rivals Ferrari.

Glass: “Formula 1 seems to have stolen the show from football on deadline day. No transfer in the world of football will be as big as the news that Lewis Hamilton is leaving Mercedes.”

Journal reviews from France

Team: “Lewis Hamilton at Ferrari: The bomb hitting the paddock”

BVFM.TV: “Turn of the Century”

Journal reviews from Spain

Brand: “Most important commitment in Formula 1 history?”

Country: “Lewis Hamilton to drive for Ferrari in 2025”

Game World: “OFFICIAL: Hamilton signs Ferrari deal until 2025, leaves Mercedes to replace Carlos Sainz”

Journal reviews from Switzerland

Blick: “That's behind the Formula 1 bank: Is Lewis Hamilton turning himself into a red clown now?”

Journal reviews from Austria

Is the goat fodder for debate? Hamilton's life in numbers

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