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Since many people in Salzburg are vitamin D deficient, especially now after the cold winter, Salzburg pharmacies offer products throughout the state of Salzburg during the campaign week from April 8 to Saturday April 13 to get your own vitamin D. Level checked for less than 10 euros.

Get your vitamin D levels measured now

Salzburg police are asking the public for help in finding two suspects. They allegedly committed commercial theft in several Austrian and German federal states. Can you provide information about these men?

Salzburg police are asking for help

City of Salzburg

On the evening of Sunday 7 April, a traffic accident occurred at the exit of the Salzburg Süd motorway. Then the crashed vehicle had to be recovered. Driver's license confiscated after alcohol test.

A drunk steering wheel came off the road near the Salzburg Suite

According to the police, the meeting of the tuning scene took place on April 6, 2024 in several places in the city of Salzburg and the Salzburg region.

Meetings of the tuning scene in many places


According to the information, around 50 energy consultants travel through the state of Salzburg in all districts of Salzburg to provide tailor-made and free tips for renovating buildings and apartments. The state media center had an on-site meeting with an expert in Faistena.

Free ideas for families in Salzburg

Athlete Christoph Schaeffler started the “Flying for Hope” program to help.

Powered by Sunny Island Games


Katarina Thomanek (21) from Abdena was Daffodil Princess for a year and has received several public appointments. Conclusion: She'll do it again.

Narcissus Sovereignty for a Year: Katharina Thomanek

Change in South Africa after 15 years: Krispler Gertrude Ziller is the new district farmer.

Gertraud Ziller is the new district farmer


The handover of command took place recently at the Red Cross Pinskau. Anton Woethofer, who had supported Red Cross Salzburg for more than 50 years, handed over command to Thomas Huber. The celebration honored Woithofer's extraordinary dedication and looked back on his work.

Red Cross legend resigns: Woethofer hands over command


The Salzburg Mountain Rescue Service went on 788 trips in 2023. Last Saturday, April 6, the 77th State Meeting of the Salzburg Mountain Rescue took place in the Mauterndorf Lungau community. Former state rescue commander Anton Holzer was honored for his “great cooperation” with the mountain rescue service.

788 activities of the Salzburg Mountain Rescue Service in 2023

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