New iPhone functionality replaces thieves with an old one – DPA

BWith this software update, Apple has brought new security functionality to iPhones and iPads. This ensures that a pin code alone is not enough to access important data when the device is not in familiar locations such as home or work.

“This is to prevent people who steal your device and know your code from making sensitive changes to your account or device” explained Apple's new, extra layer of security.

Important information cannot be accessed without biometrics

Actions such as access to passwords stored in iCloud Keychain or access to stored credit cards require biometric authentication with Face or Touch ID, such as a face or fingerprint scan.

The second component of the new security function is the delay in security-related actions: for example, if you need to change the Apple ID password, you first have to wait an hour, and then the face or fingerprint scan is necessary again.

The new security function depends on 5 settings

To enable the new security feature under “Settings/Face ID & Passcode/(Enter Device Passcode)/Stolen Device Protection”, you need to use two-factor authentication for your Apple ID. It's also important to enable the following on the device: device code, face or touch ID, “where?” and “points of interest” (location services).

This feature comes to the device with the new iOS version 17.3, which also closes several security gaps. At the same time, a new MacOS version 14.3 was released, which fixes various security issues on Apple computers.

Updates are usually provided

Usually you should be given updates to install on iPhones, iPads and Mac notebooks and desktop computers.

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If this doesn't happen, you can initiate the update in Settings (iPhones and iPads) or in System Preferences (Mac) under “General/Software Update”.

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