Sobotka no longer competes – ÖFB team celebrates sixth win…

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Sobotka no longer works: ÖVP National Council Chairman Wolfgang Sobotka told “Kurier” that he is no longer seeking political office. He didn’t give the right reasons. This much: “I always wanted to leave politics on my own initiative.” More on this

EM test passed: Austria’s national football team beat European Championship participants Serbia 2-1 in Vienna to record their sixth consecutive victory. More positive: No new additions to the long list of seriously injured. More on this

Disappointment among ÖFB women: A European Championship ticket remains a long way off after a 2-1 defeat in Iceland. The wind was a spoilsport for the ÖFB test in Iceland. More on this

Special Commando Storms Navalny memorial service: Police have cracked down on supporters of late Kremlin foe Alexei Navalny in the Russian capital, Moscow. On Tuesday evening, representatives of a special unit raided a room in northeastern Moscow where a few dozen people had gathered to watch a live broadcast of Navalny’s memorial service in Berlin, civil rights organization Ovd-Info reported. More on this

Mathura is fresh again – fell on first contact with the enemy: Compulsory pre-science work should be abolished. Because of AI, it is difficult to prove who created it. He writes that this is a very early surrender Friedrich Leibil Your morning glow. More on this

100 years ago today “Neue Freie Presse” wrote about the flight to Budapest. More on this

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