ÖTV: win2day Bundesliga 2024: new name sponsor, many changes

Irdning’s top stars on the transfer market

A lot has happened since last season, especially for the men. After the 2023 season, the traditional Viennese club WAC and, due to a high individual effort, the ATV RE team withdrew from the future IRDNING, the men’s Bundesliga – with the Styrians, who last dominated the top league in 2018. , 2019, 2021, 2022 and 2023. Meanwhile, Irdning’s second team was promoted to the 2nd Bundesliga, meaning Erich Reisinger’s men will continue to be active in the second tier at least until 2024. Of the current and former Austrian Davis Cup players who were the most complete in the starting lineup, only Lukas Midler was a league short. All others were allocated to teams in the Win2Day Bundesliga. UTC Strasbourg, for example, swooped on Austria’s numbers one and three, Sebastian Ofner and Jurij Rodionov in the transfer market, while Union Stein&Co Mauthausen signed Filip Mizolik, Dennis Novak and young hopeful Joel Schwarzler and co. received the services of can be calculated on the topic.

The Melzer brothers reunited in Salzburg

In February, STC’s partnership with UTC Eugendorf and UTC Radstadt with support from TC Piding (Germany) was also announced. “The three Salzburg teams in the 1st Bundesliga would not have tolerated it,” explained ex-professional Geralt Kamitz from Radstadt, “The ratio of Legionnaires would have been overwhelming. With the Salzburg team, ÖTV sports director and Davis Cup captain Jürgen Melzer moved from Irtning to Salzburgland, but for the local rivals and the team for the best talent in the region. We can become the first port. Opponents TC GM-Sports Anif: “I’m happy to continue playing in a team with my brother Gerald.” It could also be a result of the dissolution of Irdinning. Looking forward to the cool games this year! You always have to wait and see who will actually play, but there are some teams that can actually play well. There is potential for very strong games.

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Maruska: Sevastova “an upgrade for the whole league”

In the women’s category, LINZ AG Team Upper Austria is aiming for a fifth consecutive victory and can consider itself the favorite again in 2024. Nevertheless, ÖTV sports coordinator and Billie Jean King Cup captain Marion Maruska is already excited about the new season: “With the start of the Bundesliga, the big competition between clubs for the title of who is the strongest club in Austria starts again. The favorites of the last few years can definitely fight for the win this year as well,” the Lower Austrian gave his personal assessment. “New clubs have also made it into the Win2Day Bundesliga – and I’m excited to see how they do. Anyway, it’s great to see practically all of Austria’s top players represented in the top two divisions.” However, Maruska, the big star of the win2de Bundesliga, is an outsider this time: a former world eleven. Anastasija Sevastova from Latvia, who is in Austria, is alive after maternity leave. “The fact that he is playing for the Grazer Park club is definitely an improvement for the whole league.”

All rounds with live streams on ÖTV TV

Thomas Schweda, Managing Director for ÖTV Economics clarified: “The win2day Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga are one of the biggest flagship events of the Austrian Tennis Association. We are very happy that our main sponsor win2day has accepted the sponsorship for the 1st Bundesliga this year and we look forward to an exciting season, so the Austrian Tennis Association will spare no expense or effort to offer local offers again in 2024 for tennis fans to offer a strong live streaming free offer. In all rounds of the group stage, one women’s and one men’s matches from all match courts will be shown live on ÖTV TV, i.e. below www.oetv.tv. The lower play-offs, semi-finals and finals will also be broadcast.

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