Austrian Film Prize: “Des Teufels Bad” wins

The works managed to prevail in both acting categories, and a musical duo was able to be happy here: Anja Plaschg won as a singer-songwriter under the stage name Soap&Skin, and was presented with an idol as a film composer in “Teufels. Bad”, an award for her performance, a depressed woman in the Middle Ages as a “I was horrified that history would repeat itself today,” said the artist in her acceptance speech.

Voodoo Jürgens’ choice for the part was praised — even before the Oscar Academy recognizes the field from 2026 — and is reflected in the new award for Best Performance — which went to “Rickerl” as Angelica Cropage’s fourth persona. Awarded. Most of the other honors, judged by the 600 members of the Austrian Film Academy, went to “Des Teufels Bad.” Star cinematographer Martin Kschlacht could go home with a winner’s statuette for his work in the style of the old masters, as did editor Michael Baum and Film Awards regular Maria Hofstadter for best supporting actress for her performance.

Tanja Hausner, who was also responsible for the costume design of the evening’s winner, “Des Teufels Bad,” was recognized for her performance in the Habsburg portrait “Sissy and I” — one of the few works other than the lead duo to receive awards. . This includes the comedy “Mermaids Don’t Cry,” for which Karl Fischer was chosen as a supporting actor — an unusual role for the 67-year-old: “My long career as a nominee has now come to a head. Finally,” Chris Krigellis wrote in his poetry essay “Souls of a He won with “River”.

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The music-filled, three-hour awards ceremony in the ballroom of Vienna City Hall was directed by Thomas W. Directed by Kinnast, he hired Dirk Sterman as the comedic host and Emily Cox (“Alma & Oscar”). Leading actress. The stage was small, but the screen behind it was even bigger, on which the elders of the local film crew were celebrated in colorful films. After last years were dominated by discussions or political statements about sexism and attacks, the 2024 Gala has been completely freed from these aspects.

Film Academy president duo Arash D. Riahi and Verena Altenberger ironically emphasized this earlier in the evening. It should be about recognition for filmmakers in their own country. Nothing will be said about the high number of femicides in the country or Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. “And we’ll leave the issue of racism and sexism to the experts,” says Riahi. Only Culture Minister Werner Kögler (Greens) dissented, arguing that constructive political forces must be united against the enemies of liberal democracy: “Let the ghost not come, let the fun continue.”

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