Artec 3D presents a new update to the Artec Remote mobile app

3D scanning specialist Artec3D Artec has updated the Remote app. In the new version, 3D scanning has been made even more accessible with two new features, each tailored to different user needs: tablet compatibility and direct technical support.

Using the Artec Ray II scanner is made easier with new tablet support. An adaptively designed user interface designed for mobile devices allows users to conveniently control their scanning operations via smartphones or tablets. This update includes several improvements and fixes, such as increased stability and reduced usage of the Artec Ray II scanner. A key feature of the update is the ability to contact Artek support directly from the app.

The updated app enables a seamless WiFi connection to the Artec Ray II scanner from a supported iOS or Android device. The operation of the scanner is intuitive: after activation, the scanner can be easily controlled while the 3D data is saved directly to the USB stick.

Artek Remote App is not only a remote control for the scanner but also offers advanced optimization options. Users can adjust scanner settings, fine-tune resolution and optimize image capture to achieve better results. Additionally, updates to the latest scanner software and calibration settings are provided.

Information about Artec scanners and studio licenses can also be viewed and commented on via the MyArtec platform. The Artek Remote App is an essential tool for efficient and user-friendly 3D scanning.

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