Police report: failed resuscitation during bike ride in Derfens

One death occurred on Saturday, May 25, 2024 in Swaz District. A cycling group from the Upper Palatinate in Germany was traveling through the municipality of Derfens when one of the group members became immobile on a forest path.

Terfens. On May 25, 2024, around 9:30 a.m., a group of 8 vacationers from Germany (Neumark in the district of der Oberpfalz) left their vacation home in F├╝gen with bicycles. Tourist Destination “Kanalm” In the municipality of Terfens.

A crew member complained of feeling unwell

After a journey of more than two hours, a 59-year-old crew member complained of feeling suddenly sick while driving up a hill, and stopped on his own after a short while. When he wanted to get off his e-bike, he leaned to the side and stayed there Immovable on the forest path laying His companions immediately rushed to his aid, and shortly after began resuscitation and made an emergency call.

Even the emergency services could not do anything

At 12:06 p.m., the police department was the first to arrive at the scene and immediately brought the person they had taken away Defibrillator for use. When the emergency medical helicopter and mountain rescue arrived, they did further resuscitation. At 12:24 p.m Attempts at resuscitation by paramedics from an emergency medical helicopter were unsuccessful. An emergency medical helicopter, Swas Mountain Rescue Service with ten emergency services, Alpine Police and two police patrols were in action.

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