About Unicorn Overlord: A Fantasy Strategy Game from Atlas and Vanillaware

Strategy fans can expect it Unicorn lord We're looking forward to it, because apparently we're in a blast between RPG and strategy!

is over Unicorn lord

There's a significant amount of RPGs coming in 2024, making the year off to a very packed start. But also Unlimited wealth, rebirth Something more whimsical is needed. So, Atlus and Vanillaware have shared more details about the upcoming tactical RPG. Vanilla is known for a few things like Orb of Odin (PS2). Instead of providing action, it feels Unicorn lord It looks like a fantasy strategy game and is aimed squarely at fans of the genre. The title offers a campaign and story, but additionally Atlas and Vanillaware confirm the presence of help levels. There we can always fight against phantom soldiers and collect a lot of experience points. We can also collect items that give EXP and certain abilities and upgrades.

Unicorn lord Sounds like a great combination for tactical fans. Because the grand strategy and brightly colored mix of individual characters is probably a lot to work with. With tons of class options, possible evolutions, and a variety of modes, you'll never get bored! After all, Vanillaware has made good games so far, for example 13 Sentinels Or so it is Orb of Odin from behind. Amazing twists and great game tricks are here, so stay tuned! Either way, fans should take a few weeks off, or at least plan for plenty of time, because it's going to happen. Unicorn lord Coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch on March 8, 2024!

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