WK Tulln's Chamber of Commerce team provided helpful assistance 4,200 times

Interest rate hikes, high inflation, high energy costs and a shortage of workers in all sectors and regions, regardless of qualifications – these were the priority topics of the year. “We are there for our member companies and therefore act as a central point of contact for them,” emphasizes chairman Christian Bauer.

In total, the district office team was able to make over 4,200 contacts and provide helpful assistance with questions and concerns in person, by phone or by email. “We help not only general conditions, but also authorities and community partners – people in the region – and new businesses, business registrations and all legal questions locally,” says district office manager Gunther Morth.

The region plays a special role: 116 companies in the district already support the WKNÖ campaign “#ichkauflokal”. The declared aim of this multi-year campaign is to encourage purchases from Lower Austrian companies, thus maintaining added value, jobs, quality of life and prosperity in the region.

Lack of staff affects the supply of companies

Although the Tulln District currently has 5,588 members, we are optimistic about the future, but the current staff shortage remains a challenge. So 56 percent of companies reported delays in processing orders, 25 percent had to reject orders, 34 percent had to reduce their offers and 27 percent had to reduce their working hours.

“Employers need to be creative here,” says Bauer, “and they have to make themselves attractive to employees.” The possible range extends from extra training offers to company fitness, childcare and personal “treats”. The Tulln Economic Chamber would like to continue to offer opportunities for regional networking, for example at the New Year's Reception on February 1st or at the Long Night of Business in the summer.

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