“We underestimated the impact on OVP”

The ÖVP is using the anniversary to settle scores with the FPÖ and SPÖ. In turn, the ÖVP was accused of corruption.

It’s been exactly five years since the infamous Ibiza video with FPÖ grandees was released Heinz Christian Strauch And Johann Goodenus in key roles. With far-reaching consequences: at that time the ÖVP-FPÖ government collapsed, new elections were held, and investigations into the cause occupy the judiciary to this day.

Parties view events differently in the rearview mirror. ÖVP General Secretary Christian Stocker It uses the anniversary to settle scores with the FPÖ, which was in government at the time, but also with the SPÖ.

“The FPÖ remains intact,” was his conclusion. Against all Blue Front candidates in upcoming elections at federal, EU and state levels – Herbert Gicl, Harald Wilimski And Mario Kunacek – Investigations into various causes will continue. “That is the FPÖ’s unique selling point.”

Stalker specifically accuses Giggling of attacking the system, but has lived almost exclusively on public money since leaving college.

The ÖVP plays the Silberstein card again

But the SPÖ is also partly responsible for people’s loss of faith in politics. As the most recent example, Stalker cites the “Ibiza2” website of the young generation of the SPÖ Vienna, where you can vote on various corruption cases in the past. “These 2.0 Silberstein methods have to stop,” Stocker said.

More recently, mainly ÖVP politicians have been investigated as a result of Ibiza. All the way up to the former president Sebastian Kurz, He was convicted in the first instance in February of making false statements to the Ibiza U committee. “It’s true that ‘Ibiza’ has had more influence on the People’s Party than we expected in Ibiza,” says Stocker, adding that the FPÖ was able to distract from the fact that it was its politicians who did it in Ibiza. As Stocker insists, “with the support of other parties – including the Greens – Kurz must go” as a motto.

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So the issue surrounding the BVT officer is very long Egisto is there And his connections with the FPÖ “were in the shadows”.

“Up to your neck in the swamp of corruption”

The SPÖ naturally has a different interpretation of these events: “The release of the Ibiza video and the political and legal investigation into corruption had far-reaching consequences and showed that not only the FPÖ but also the ÖVP are up to their necks. “stuck” in the corruption swamp, says the federal executive director. Klaus Cheltenheim. “Gratitude to the super-wealthy and big donors, systematic abuse of power, job-fixing, influencing investigations and misuse of tax money have been documented in black and white by the Ibiza Commission of Inquiry.”

Neos was disappointed

“We are still miles away from pure politics,” says the deputy Neos Club president Nicky Sherak. “Ibiza” should have been a wake-up call — instead, it’s a guide to how to ignore the rule of law and open the door to corruption. “Ibiza” can be as good today as it was then. The much-lauded anti-corruption criminal law will do nothing to change this.

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