“We have no problem recruiting teams.”

The project will run until the mid/late 2030s. Emirates signs new maintenance contracts Our President Tim Clark is a big fan of the A380. We are the largest customer with 116 machines. Singapore Airlines is in second place.

What is the benefit to the airline?

A single flight can carry more than 500 passengers on multiple routes. Exactly 519 – 14 in First Class, 76 in Commerce, 429 in Economics.

Whatever the A380 is, what is the current demand?

grandly. Post-corona demand has not yet fully caught up, especially on routes like Australia, China or Japan. Travel is a basic need of many people. Business travel is also back. Important things don't end with video conferencing;

Where do Austrians fly with Emirates?

65 percent change trains in Dubai. The most popular are the Indian Ocean, Thailand, Bali and Australia.

Holiday in Dubai in summer?

Many are looking for an alternative to the expensive Mediterranean. The behavior of travel is changing. A luxury hotel in Dubai in the summer is cheaper than a holiday in Greece.

What do you expect from the cooperation with Austria Advertising?

We market together for the destination Austria. Our inbound guests are well booked for the summer, especially from the Gulf countries, India, China, Taiwan and Australia.

How will ticket prices grow?

Prices are stable and will not decrease: we have a high cost level, staff, fees, etc. Cost development is highly volatile and subject to constant fluctuations, think currency fluctuations or fuel prices. But we still promise our customers the best value for money.

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Your President now sees Emirates in the start-up phase and the third era post-Covid. How to understand this?

We want to become the best and largest airline in the world by 2030. This is a very clear view, which would not exist if we did not believe that the demand for air travel would continue. Emirates currently has 310 flight orders open. We recently ordered 110 aircraft at the Dubai Air Show, with an order value of $58 billion. We are diversifying the fleet; The Airbus A350 will join the A380 and Boeing 777 fleet this summer. In terms of seat kilometers, we are already number one.

The airline needs adequate manpower for such ambitious expansion plans.

We are currently looking for 5,000 on-board employees and are running a massive campaign. Our recruitment team travels all over the world. We have no problem getting staff and we train in Dubai where all our staff live. We are a very diverse airline with 170 nationalities and our crew speak 70 languages.

Living in Dubai is not for everyone.

Dubai is a very interesting place to live for a few years or more. Our employees have very good conditions and see the whole world.

At AUA, the next strike is in the air. Has Emirates ever gone on strike?

No, I don't know any reason for the strike. Emirates is very attractive in terms of salary. We celebrate 20 years in Austria in May and 20 percent of our first employees are still on board today. Foreign airlines also have their own collective agreement.

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Emirates benefits from AUA industrial action?

No, not directly. Strikes are hard on the entire industry; Irregularities are always a challenge. I don't want to comment on what's going on at AUA and hope for a speedy agreement.

How satisfied are you with Vienna Airport?

So, collaboration works well. We are in active exchange. Our expectations for the service provided to our customers are very high; Gate, security checks – all parts must fit smoothly.

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