Vorstadtweiber (2/10) – Vorstadtweiber (2/10) November 22, 2023 to 11:08 pm – ORF-TVthek

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Season 2

Suburban Wives (2/10)

Maria is overwhelmed by George’s rehab costs after his “accident”. George shows the savings book that was in the safe. But this has disappeared. Maria soon realized that her mother-in-law Anna had freed her. Hadrian is surprised by Garrow’s newfound sexuality, as she believes he has a secret lover. Inspector Jörg Putschedl intensifies his investigations into the murder of Josef Steinberg. Minister Joachim Schnitzler begins his fight against his blackmailers, and Bertram discovers that a data stick containing important video recordings that could only be with his former housekeeper Helga is missing.
Gerdi Drasl (Maria Schneider), Maria Goestlinger (Waldrat Steinberg), Nina Broll (Nicoleta Huber), Jürgen Maurer (George Schneider), Bernhard Schirr (Hadrien Melzer), Lukas Grigorovich (Bertram Selim), Adina Vetter (Sabine Herold), Gertrude Rohl (Anna Schneider), Philipp Hochmeir (Joachim Schnitzler), Johannes Nussbaum (Simon Schneider), Proscott Madani (Tina), Sandra Cervik (Helka Parisek), Julia Stemberger (Michael Maula), Dr. Felix Held), Suzi Stach (Francisca Putschetl), Thomas Mraz (Jörg Putschetl), Michael Dankel (Dieter West), Erika Dudinger (Marianne Schinnagel), Vicki Nikolaevskaja (Pia), Anna Katharina Thomashof (Lea) and many others.

Image credit: ORF/MR Film/Petro Domenigg

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