Two hunters died – both had previously shown significant symptoms

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Two men died from a deer infected with the zombie pathogen. The first cases are already in Europe.

AUSTIN — The so-called zombie wild syndrome, technically known as “chronic wasting disease” (CWD), was first diagnosed in captive deer in the 1960s at a research facility in the US state of Colorado. Now experts are sounding the alarm, as the deadly neurological disease appears to have already claimed lives, not just among animals. Two hunters died after eating contaminated deer meat.

Deer Zombie Transmits Wild Syndrome: The hunter is confused and aggressive before dying

A study examining two deaths in 2022 now warns that the zombie wild syndrome could spread to humans. Accordingly, a 72-year-old man ate deer meat. He showed signs of aggression and confusion. Doctors at the University of Texas wrote that his friend, who had previously eaten meat from the same species of deer, had already died. Journal of Neurology.

Two hunters ate contaminated meat and died as a result. The cause is “Zombie Wild Syndrome”, technically known as “Chronic Wasting Disease” (DWD). © Boris Roessler/dpa

“Despite aggressive symptomatic treatment for seizures and agitation, the patient’s condition worsened,” the research report continued. After a month of observation in the hospital, the 72-year-old died as a result of zombie wild syndrome. Five doctors from Texas concluded that CWD is similar to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Spread from animals to humans can

Zombie Wild Syndrome in America: Hunter initially diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) leads to loudness Robert Koch Company (RKI) leads to spongy brain changes with significant impairment of mental and motor skills. The deadly disease is caused by pathological prion proteins that enter the human food chain through the tissue of livestock. Because of the zombie wild syndrome similarity, both existed The dead hunter was initially diagnosed with CJD.

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What are pathological prion proteins?

Pathological prion proteins, also known as PrPSc, are an abnormal form of the normal cellular prion protein (PrPC). These are associated with various neurodegenerative diseases such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) in humans and bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in cattle.

Source: Robert Koch Institute (RKI)

Zombie disease is difficult to distinguish from mad cow disease caused by CJD, according to University of Texas researchers. For this reason, there is no direct evidence that hunters died from CWD. Nevertheless, they insist that there may be a connection between the sick deer and the men. Doctors strongly recommend this Ill health and their consequences Health To do research.

Rising disease: Should German hunters fear zombie wild syndrome?

The disease recurred over many years America And You have On that day. In 2019, the US state of Nevada fought against the spread of zombie wild syndrome by asking people to help identify sick animals. A separate law was then enacted for this like Science Portal Geo reported. But the first cases are also known in Europe: CWD has already been reported Norway, Finland And Sweden reported.

How does disease manifest itself in animals?

As the disease progresses, animals may show a variety of symptoms reminiscent of “zombies.” This is where the colloquial name of zombie disease comes from. Classic symptoms include weight loss (wasting), lack of coordination due to central nervous system disorders, clumsiness, inattention, excessive salivation, reduced fear of people, and aggression.

Source: Bavarian Hunting Association e. v.

After the first case was known in Norway, Dr. Anne Balkema-Buschmann of the Friedrich Loeffler Institute (FLI) spoke to the German Hunting Association (DJV) in support of the reintroduction of monitoring programs. When asked how likely it was that CWD would also occur in Germany, he replied that the Scandinavian country’s geographic location “is not very strong” in favor of spreading to mainland Europe. (cln)

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