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As the holiday started and ended on Saturday, traffic jams on Tyrol's roads were inevitable. Block handling and departure restrictions will be classified on the first day of the holiday. A climate protest was also held in Fernpass (Riut district).

Motorists were stuck in traffic on Fernpass Road for two and a half hours on Saturday. In the Füssen border tunnel and the Lermoos tunnel, traffic was handled in blocks. The climate movement used the “last generation” focus on vacation transportation to stage a protest. Activists stood on the streets with placards chanting that public transport should be expanded. The panel relies on recommendations from the Climate Council. The move caused further delays.

Last Generation Austria

A protest was held at Fernsteinsee on Fernpassstraße

According to activist Marina Hagen-Canaval for the APA, the operation was stopped by the police on the instructions of the authorities. Some German tourists have been very aggressive toward activists, Hagen-Kanaval told APA.

Traffic jam on Achenseestrasse

Up to an hour was lost in the direction of Zillertal

Dosing ramp started in Achensee

A measuring lamp was used for the first time on Saturday in Achenseestrasse (Schwas district). Because here (toll) alternative traffic often causes traffic jams – more about this at Achenseestrasse: The measurement slope test begins. There were long waiting times and traffic jams in several tourist valleys and places such as the Kufstein-Kiefersfelden motorway border crossing (A12). Avoiding the surrounding towns on the motorway is not possible due to the exit barriers – the exit barrier is intended to stop further evasive traffic.

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