This is what the heir to the royal throne looks like

Since his mother's death Queen Elizabeth II. On September 8, 2022 Charles III. Also legal King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. After seven decades as heir to the throne, he was crowned on May 6, 2023 at the age of 74. Now, nine months later, he was diagnosed with cancer.

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Charles wants to continue his royal duties, but if the king becomes too ill, he must resign from office permanently and a new regent must be appointed. Who will succeed King Charles III?

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The king's eldest son, William, the Prince of Wales, is first in line to the British throne. The crown does not pass from reigning monarchs to their spouses, hence the queen Camila Succession to the throne is not taken into account.

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Prince William is followed first by his children Prince George Mountbatten-WindsorEldest son of William and Princess Kate (born 2013). Then follow his sister Princess Charlotte Mountbatten-Windsor (2015) and Prince Louis Mountbatten-Windsor (2018)

Louise will precede her older sister to the throne until 2013. At that time, the British House of Lords passed a law according to which succession to the throne was no longer disadvantaged for women.

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Eighth in line to the throne Prince AndrewSecond eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip and Brother of Charles (1960). This was followed by Princess Beatrice, the eldest daughter of Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah FergusonAnd Sienna Mabelle MoseyDaughter of Beatrice and Edoardo Mabelli Mozzi (2021).

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Bottom of the row:

11. Princess EugenieAndrew and Ferguson's youngest daughter (1990)

12. August BrooksbankEugenie and James Brooksbank's First Son (2021)

13. Ernest Brooksbank (2023)

14. Prince Edward Mountbatten-WindsorBrother of Charles III (1964)

15. James, Earl of Wessex, Son of Edward and his wife, SophieDuchess of Edinburgh (2007)

Succession to the throne is determined in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Bill of Rights (1689), The Remedial Act (1701) and The Royal Weddings and Succession to the Crown Bill (2009) regulated. In total, the list of potential heirs to the throne already included more than 5,000 people in 2011. It has probably grown since then.

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