The weekend brings rain, hail and storms

Risk of floods, flooding, streets and mudslides: Once the situation subsides somewhat after the storms, the next ones are already on the horizon. Rain and hail In Austria.

As stated therein Geography Austria Already forming from hills and mountains Thursday Cumulus clouds. In the afternoon they develop more and more frequently Shower as well as ThunderstormIt can be very strong locally and Heavy rain, hail and small storms with.

Barring thunderstorms, winds are generally only mild. In the evening, some strong thunderstorms will appear from the west. Daily maximum temperature ranges from 22 to 28 degrees. Showers and thunderstorms will gradually reduce in the south and east in the evening. However, some strong movements are again coming from the West Showers and thunderstorms At night the north side of the Alps moves eastward.

As well Freedag The prognosis is not good: In the afternoon, some showers and thunderstorms will start again from the mountains, the main focus Southeast The country is likely to be.

And starts from hills and mountains Saturday Showers and thunderstorms increased again, becoming more common in the afternoon An undulating level ground Pour over. Daily maximum temperature ranges from 23 to 29 degrees. Light to moderate winds from south to west, away from showers and thunderstorms.

On Sunday, a southwesterly high-altitude current will ensure further promotion of thunderstorm activity. They show up in the morning In all parts of Austria Strong cumulus clouds, the first thunderstorms will soon fall. The focus of thunderstorms will increasingly move into the afternoon Alpennordseite And this Northeast.

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Damage is possible

Always go back Thunderstorms likely to cause damage Below, there will be thunderstorms in the evening and at night. Strong winds should be expected. The maximum daily temperature will reach up to 29 degrees and it will be humid in the region.

I am Montague The Tyrolean lowlands are at the center of weather events: severe thunderstorms and rain are expected there. The deep center becomes louder Geography Austria Thunderstorms will intensify towards the northeast during the day East and Southeast Low.

Most of the rain in the east will taper off again by the evening, but overall it will be mostly cloudy. In addition, the wind strengthens significantly due to the cold front Alpenostrand And with stormy winds. The maximum temperature is only 13 to 24 degrees.

The flood situation is improving

Danube And Inn were on Thursday Upper Austria continues to decrease. As happened in Lower Austria – the mobile flood defenses were removed again. The hydrographic service reported that the water level of the Danube was 5.69 meters in Linz and 9.29 meters in Green, 30 centimeters below the annual flood. In Schärding, the fire department said as the hostel retreated on Wednesday: “We’re done.”

In Linz They were still taking down the mobile system on Thursday morning. However, the originally planned “Phase 2 of Movable Flood Protection Dam” is still waiting to be removed. “Heavy rain is expected in the catchment area of ​​the Inn at Tirol” over the weekend, the city said in the afternoon, adding that “the elements will certainly remain after the weekend.” They remain intact for security reasons Access areas to Danube Park Urbahr Still closed.

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Although the situation in Upper Austria had largely returned to normal, it still remained Not entirely clear to give

Agriculture is affected

And inside Lower Austria Levels fell Danube Thursday. “The situation is stable,” it said Klaus Stiebel, spokesman for the state fire brigade. For instance, the removal of the mobile flood defenses erected a few days ago has already begun Durnstein (Krems-Land District). And inside Weissenkirchen Scheduled to be removed in Wacha. The fire department was occasionally called out Thursday for operations such as pump-out work.

In Artaker (Amstetten District), the floodplain is reported to have receded very slowly as the floodplain is inundated. The Mayor and President of the Municipal Association Johannes Presl (ÖVP) on his blog. The longer the water stands, the more detrimental it is to arable and grassland crops, as plants increasingly “suffocate” under water.

In contrast to Bavaria, billions of euros in damage have been prevented in Austria thanks to “years of investment in flood protection structures”. Water Minister Norbert Dotschnik (ÖVP) in a broadcast. Through water networks such as retention basins and levee connections, water and flood masses can be “significantly better managed”. “The current storms illustrate the positive effects of the flood protection and restoration projects carried out across Austria,” Todsnick continued. According to the minister, this year will be almost 124 million euros Invested in flood protection schemes.

According to Austria’s fire chief Robert Meyer, fires are not only active in Austria. Flood conditions are reached In the south of Germany On Monday, the Rosenheim district reached the point where it was declared a disaster. Upon request, the Kufstein District Fire Brigade Association organized a unit with 18 vehicles and around 80 fire brigade members, who supported numerous incidents in the Röbling area and the German emergency services.

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