The thumb test shows whether you would survive a nuclear war

If Christopher Nolan “Oppenheimer” taught us how the bomb came about, and then his brother showed us Jonathan Nolan What is the world like now after the bomb? However, “Fallout” depicts a fictional scenario that millions of fans of the video game series of the same name have known since 1997. First things first: you don't have to be a gaming expert to get into this series.

It begins on October 23, 2077. Or better: the world as we know it ends here. It was the day of the Great War, a nuclear war between the two superpowers, America and China. A small portion of humanity retreated to so-called radiation-protected vaults, and individual small-scale communities formed here. Some things were developed more technologically, but culturally we were stuck in the 1950s. Writer and director Nolan particularly likes to use this particular joke from the Fallout games, which provides an opportunity to satirize the nuclear beliefs of the time. For example, pop and country music are splattered with blood and dust in slow motion, making extreme violence, at least in one scene, more alienating and somewhat bearable.

219 years after the Great War

The aforementioned extravaganza of violence takes place in the episode 1 – 219 years after the Great War. An arranged marriage between a man from Vault 32 and a woman from Vault 33 does not lead to the spread of happiness and blessings of children, but to disaster. The groom does not come from Vault 32, but along with others, finds his way from the radioactive and brutal outer world to the intact inner world. “Nuga-Cola” lemonade is still an inner world.

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Lucy (Ella Burnell), the bride who now dares to go out to see her father (Kyle McLachlan) search. He was kidnapped by the villains. Many storylines will converge there in the following episodes. Like Maximus (Aaron Moton), who aspires to rise in the Brotherhood of Steel, a sort of military order of knights, and is allowed to follow one of the T-60 steel tank-equipped warriors as a squire. They search for “The Target”, a disgraced scientist.

Maximus (Aaron Moton) with his metal boss

Undead as a bounty hunter

The third main character is “The Ghoul” (Walton Goggins) – the late Western hero in the true sense of the word. After a nuclear war, he mutates and roams around as an undead bounty hunter. On the day of the Great War he is seen as an entertainer at a children's birthday party. Cooper Howard, a cowboy actor, explains to a kid there: If you hold your thumb out in front of you and the mushroom cloud seems smaller than your thumb, it's still worth running.

"fall": The thumb test shows if you survived a nuclear war

“The Cole” (Walton Goggins)

Either way, “Ballout” is worth sticking with. The series combines hard-hitting action with imaginative humor and exudes the classic sci-fi feel of “Star Wars.” The post-apocalypse is brilliantly captured with mercilessly convincing visuals – and not just through expensive special effects.

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