The 39-year-old attacked police officers with a knife in Carinthia

A 39 year old Corinthian It's Monday night Rangersdorf (Spital an der Trau District) He attacked two police officers with a knife. The drunk man caused a car accident earlier and was shocked when his driver's license was revoked. A police officer used pepper spray and said the man was taken into custody custody In a broadcast.

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Heavy addiction

There was one around 10:40 p.m Police patrol He noticed that a car had been damaged several times and was parked in one Municipal Road was standing. The 39-year-old driver had veered off the main road and parked on an adjacent local road. An alcohol test revealed that he was highly intoxicated, which is why he was driving the car Driving license Removed. He then became aggressive, pulling out a butterfly knife and stabbing the roof of the police car several times.

Like both of them Police officers A 39-year-old man tried to intervene and attacked the police with a knife. One of them used his irritant gas spray against the assailant and he was eventually arrested. The man was still in police custody on Monday morning.

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