Quiet Joy over President Raisi’s Death in Iran

In the streets, Iran is campaigning against President Raisi and losing power. Secret parties are held separately in neighboring streets.

After the helicopter crash of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister Hossein Amiraftullahian on Sunday, daily life continued “almost normal” in the Iranian capital, Tehran, a staff member who spoke anonymously to APA for fear of repression. The government has ordered 5 days of national mourning. “The quiet majority are happy about the accident. I was invited to two parties where it was grilled.

Of course, the news was closely followed, but he explained that he could not publicly show his joy over Raisi’s death, or that it would not have consequences for the lives of Iranians. According to the constitution, it must be carried out 50 days after the death of the head of government. “I last voted for Hassan Rouhani in 2017. I will only vote again when the grieving minority goes to the polls.

There has been speculation in Iran about Israeli involvement in the crash or a conspiracy within the Iranian elite. But just as many believe it was indeed an accident, A. was killed at the behest of spiritual leader Ali Khamenei and the Revolutionary Guards. Rice says he was a president. So it doesn’t make sense to remove the “toy” Raisi. Coping with the crisis is “no big deal” for the Iranian regime.

“Only When I’m Old”

A day later, the exchange rate and oil prices calmed down again as Tehran did not hold Israel responsible for the accident, reports A. In his view, only a new nuclear deal would bring good to the Iranian people. Those under economic sanctions and suffering from high inflation. A. Looks hopeless. “Things only get better as I get older,” the man in his mid-thirties told APA.

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As he walks through Tehran, he notices regime posters depicting the dead as martyrs and small gatherings of regime loyalists around mosques. “We expect big celebrations in the next few days, especially around the Friday prayers,” said A. describing the picture in the capital. (APA)

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