Prima la Musica – triple silver for the Staats and Boisdorf ensembles

Individual groups already have the right to participate in the “Prima la Música” music competition with the best results in state competitions. The clarinet quartet “Quatro Clarinets” consisting of Helena Hugl and Bastian Raedinger from the Boisdorf Music School and Katharina Heger and Johanna Schadl from the Stadts Music School were allowed to travel to Brixen with their families and their families. Author Petra Löw.

Horns for the Future was very successful with Silver. Pictured: Stephanie Karr, Valentina Schaffmann, Lisa Hipfinger, Johannes Olscher

Poysdorf Music School

On Saturday, May 19, the talented musicians presented their performance, which they had rehearsed for months together with Petra Lo, to an international jury. All efforts were worth it and second prize was awarded with 88.6 points and silver medal. The horn quartet “Horns for the Future”, consisting of Lisa Hipfinger and Johannes Olscher from the Boisdorf Music School and Valentina Schaffmann and Stephanie Kahr from the Staats Music School, showcased their talents with their teacher Peter Hoffmann at the national competition.

“Hats off to their enthusiasm”

They had their best performance on May 22 and finished second with a silver medal with 88.8 points. “We are proud of the achievements of our students, because they are at the forefront of high-quality music education in our music schools,” emphasized Petra Löw, the new head of the Poysdorf Music School.

Dalton's Horn Quartet National Competition

The Daltons also won silver in the third age category at the national competition. Pictured: Simon Uhl, Tobias Lehner, Stephen Schimmer, Noah Leithner, Peter Hoffman.

Music School Stats

The “Daltons”, four young horn players, almost reached the primary grade under 3 years of age, and gave an excellent ensemble performance. Simon Uhl, Tobias Lehner, Stefan Schimmer and Noah Leithner, well prepared by their teacher Peter Hoffmann, won silver with 83.8 points. “Bringing silver three times to North Weinviertel at a national competition is a great achievement of our ensembles. Here you can really take your hat off to their zeal, their dedication and their enthusiasm for music,” emphasized Peter Hoffmann, director of the Stadts Music School.

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