Prevention – “Today's nutrition significantly affects tomorrow's health”

“Nutrition is very important to me. “If you eat well, you need to be healthy, but there's no doubt how much you can achieve,” Healthy eating is the order of the day for the general practitioner. He is supported by nutritionist and dietitian Sonja Brunhofer with 20 years of professional experience, who Takes care of sick patients and his own clients.

After completing his HLW at Amstetten, the Waldhausen native graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Dietetics in Vienna and then worked for several years at AKH in the Department of Nutritional Medicine. In 2017 he moved to Amstetten for work and family purposes and set up nutritional therapy for outpatient rehabilitation with university professor Helmut Kern.

The field of nutrition is an interesting and inviting part of a dietitian's portfolio, ranging from healthy lifestyles to nutritional optimization for diseases to “bioelectrical impedance analysis” of body composition and health status. “Together we find ways to achieve health goals through appropriate, sustainable dietary changes or optimization,” says Brunhofer, who advocates for all nutrition-related issues.

“What we eat today affects our health tomorrow,” says Sonja Brunhofer, urging people to take responsibility for their health and consciously shape their own lifestyles. Nutrition is a big factor: “A well-maintained body is more efficient and resilient.”


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