ORF ON finally changes platform

Many plans are now available for up to 6 months instead of 7 days.

die ORF TVthek is history. Today is Wednesday, Tackling a new streaming platform ORF ON It absolutely is. A new offer awaits, which has been running as a trial version parallel to TVthek since the beginning of the year New design, Long recovery timeAll ORF channels broadcast live, some programs before the linear broadcast date and also in the future Online only content On that day. ORF boss Roland Weißmann sees this as a new “streaming era”.

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Served as Chairman of ORF ON Eva Reiter-Kluger. In an APA interview she sees “Milestone in the history of ORF streaming“We were very restricted by the old legal regulations. Especially in terms of… 7-day recovery period There is always criticism. “That’s why I believe longer delivery times, and the curation opportunities that come with them, are the most important change,” he said.

Specifically, ORF is now allowed to hold multiple projects for up to six months. Documents And the children’s program was integrated into the ORF “ORF childrenNot available for unlimited time” and “The Swarm”, little things like thatReally fat“and”Good lead show by Petberg“or”Trotman” and this “Lowinger condition“Now available.

Liar charm

What has raised eyebrows is that ORF makes series like “Vorstadtweiber” and “Kafka” available every six months. Should light up in a straight line again. “The plan is to always have as much of our premium products available as possible, but there may be months when something isn’t available,” Reiter-Kluger explained. Because you have to proceed with “great sensitivity” in view of the “strong and important” linear ORF program. We are in close coordination with program director Stephanie Crois-Horowitz and channel managers.

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What’s new is that the linear ORF TV program is almost over Broadcast live can be “24-hour time-shift function” enables time-shifted streaming and restarting programs that have already started.

New is limited to a maximum of 24 hours in advance Online-first option The boss of ORF ON sees it with a smile and teary eyes “Our colleagues in Germany are allowed to do a lot more. Among other things, the plan is to have our own online first channel. “Welcome Austria” is currently presented two hours before the linear broadcast on ORF ON.

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We still have to wait for online only products. This requires a preliminary injunction review by the media authority CommAustria required. But plans have already been made: “We are focusing on major news, cultural events and events with a regional aspect,” said the ORF ON boss.

with vision Access Reiter-Kluger said there’s “always something to do” but that ORF doesn’t need to hide. Subtitles, audio visual description and Austrian Sign Language can be added to various programs. Video playback speed can be adjusted.

Anyone who registers for free and Voluntarily registered and logged in to ORF ON, during the day you can watch shows that are not suitable for youngsters like “Tottered”. You can also save favorites. Reiter-Kluger also announced a future feature for continuous viewing of videos across devices.

Moderation in advertising

ORF was even more reluctant to promote the new site. “TVthek has incredibly high awareness. I know that ORF ON is not yet well known – and cannot be. So far it’s only available in a test version,” said Reiter-Kluger. But preparations were made for the transition: approximately one million downloads TVthek apps are automatically converted to ORF-ON apps, automatic updates will be enabled on end devices. If you visit tvthek.ORF.at, you will be redirected to the new site on.ORF.at. A major campaign will be launched in the fall to further increase awareness.

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ORF ON is measured against major streaming providers such as Netflix And Amazon Prime Video. “It’s definitely difficult because they have completely different resources at their disposal,” Reiter-Kluger admits. ORF ON will be distinguished by its high-quality public service content and its Austrian identity.

ORF content is also available on the streaming platform of happiness From the private broadcasting group ProSiebenSat.1Puls4. “Of course we want users to accept our platform. At the same time, Austria is a small market and we have to join forces against larger competitors. So the current strategy is to use our public content on third-party platforms. ,” Reiter-Kluger doesn’t see an immediate departure from Join.

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Private and live broadcasting?

In return, ORF is legally bound Live streams of individual full shows On ORF ON – if the private broadcaster chooses to do so. “So far there has been no investigation in this regard in the video industry,” said the ORF manager.

May 22nd should be the starting point for ORF ON. “There will be many updates and further improvements“, promised Reiter-Kluger. Before that “it was clear that there would be bumps here and there.” The entire project took less than a year to execute. “The team behind the scenes tried to make the impossible possible. It sounds pathetic, but I have complete respect for what has been achieved,” said the ORF ON boss. User feedback was also taken into account during development. We will continue to believe this.

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