“Nobody knows I'm Vorarlbergmeme”

“Vorarlbergmeme” reveals this: He is 22 years old and lives in the Vorarlberg lowlands. His channel is available since October 2021. He now has more than 17,000 followers – something he is proud of – and his memes are not only liked, but often shared. Some of his posts have reached over three million people.

Humor message in ORF format

For example, he shows what the state governor would look like if he had a funny trendy hairstyle “Edgar” cut. He shows that the starter package for Bregenz includes a pedal boat, a Brünzler and a milk mushroom and above all 30 km/h signs. He fondly explains the dialect: “In Vorarlberg we don't say: Pie for 10 cents – we say: It's okay or a sack sack?” To do this he meticulously copies the ORF origin.

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ORF Vorarlberg: Does it surprise you that we are proud that Vorarlbergmeme is parodying us?

Vorarlberg Memes: Mega Extreme! So I'll always assume you interpret it as mocking yourself and basically despising yourself. But that never happened, I feel very warmly welcomed here and can enjoy the ORF intimately.

ORF Vorarlberg: …you also want to joke. What are we for?

Vorarlberg Memes: Memes are now more than just a funny picture and headline, but with memes you can actually make news. Since everyone knows ORF, I try to make my memes in ORF format. I basically make news for Vorarlberg – only in a funny way.

ORF Vorarlberg: How did it start?

Vorarlberg memes: It's boring during the lockdown. I always enjoy making people happy and love to make someone laugh. I was the class clown. Then I thought to myself: Why don't I do it online? I am online a lot on social media.

ORF Vorarlberg: How did it come about?

Vorarlberg Memes: I started with low quality memes. Over time you get a feel for what works and what doesn't. So different formats appeared – ORF memes, “We don't tell in Vorarlberg”, various reels – so now I have many formats in my collection.

ORF Vorarlberg: Do you make money from this?

Vorarlbergmeme: For my size, it's currently an irregular income and a small amount – in the two to three digit range per post. This means that pocket money comes in sporadically.

ORF Vorarlberg: Have you actually fought with someone yet?

Vorarlberg Memes: I step on Markus Wallner's toes a lot, but I think he takes it with humor. He follows me and sometimes jokingly comments on my posts.

ORF Vorarlberg: That also has to do with your kind of humor.

Vorarlbergmeme: Trying to make it 'acceptable' by making sure no one gets hurt. I do this for fun, not to offend anyone. That would be the opposite of what I want. What's the use if I hurt someone and others laugh? I cannot accept that one should feel bad at the expense of others. If I notice that someone feels offended and sees a post, I take it offline. It's happened before, sorry in retrospect.

ORF Vorarlberg: What has been the best reaction so far?

Vorarlbergmeme: There are a lot of beautiful stories that I have experienced on the channel, the stories of a woman with depression were very beautiful, and when she was sick, she wrote to me that my stories put a smile back on her face. It touched me incredibly.

ORF Vorarlberg: What's it like when half of Vorarlberg laughs at your jokes and doesn't know you're behind them?

Vorarlberg Memes: I think that's pretty cool. And the best part is that none of my friends know it's me. They follow me and sometimes send me their own memes.

ORF Vorarlberg: You of course wish to remain anonymous. What is important to you?

Vorarlberg memes: Being in the public eye has both advantages and disadvantages. This is not an easy decision to make. And I constantly weigh whether I'm willing to accept the downsides — for example, that my artistic freedom will be restricted. If someone disagrees with my content, it can put me at a disadvantage in professional situations. And then maybe I shouldn't joke because that might put me at a disadvantage.

ORF Vorarlberg: What do you like to make fun of the most?

Vorarlberg memes: These are often original with striking words such as Vorarlberg peculiarities or ORF statements.

ORF Vorarlberg: Where we should be serious, you laugh. How does one come up with such a thought?

Vorarlberg Memes: I have a lot going on in my head. But a lot also comes from news websites and everyday experiences. I see something and think to myself: Maybe other people want to see it. I need a little help with Photoshop.

ORF Vorarlberg: We are excited about the next Vorarlberg memes!

Vorarlbergmeme: Of course I hope you keep the current ORF format so I don't have to make changes again. It's quite an effort to do it the way you did.

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