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In the men's category, three Austrians advanced to the semi-finals, but just like last year, Maurizio Bormolini took the win. In the final, he beat Arvid Auner of Italy by 14 runs. Sebastian Kiesslinger, the fourth Austrian to qualify for the Top 16 final along with Auner, Opmann and Carl, finished 15th, losing in the round of 16 to Italian Edwin Coratti. (19th place).

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Sabine Schaffman (second): “Today went well. I felt good in all the runs, so I'm happy with this second place. In the grand final I was a little bit off my nerves heading into the finish and lost a little bit of speed as well, so I should have been a bit more calm.

Arvid Auner (Second): “When I finished second in Davos, I said there are no second places. But I'm very happy with this result. I'm only missing 14 hundredths today – I'll train for it before the next race. Our team is simply amazing. From the service crew to the support at the start – Everything is always taken care of.I am blessed to be in this group and I never want to leave.

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