Kingdom Hearts 4 (PS5) is coming in 2025, says an insider

It was said that Kingdom Hearts 4 Released in 2025. That means: the first big trailers are coming soon!

Still Kingdom Hearts 4

The news came from DanielRPK on Twitter, who posted the claim via his Patreon site – but the news quickly spread across social platforms. From Square Enix Kingdom Hearts 4 Already revealed in 2022, everything has become relatively quiet. If the game will indeed be released in 2025 (right around Christmas), the first big trailer for the game will appear soon. It was reported that the development of the game started in 2020, which means that Square Enix has been working on the project for some time. It seems to be a direct continuation of this Kingdom Hearts 3 Will be there from 2019 – as its name suggests.

There are some unofficial details about Kingdom Hearts 4, etc. reported to be the basis for the “Last Master” story arc set in the Quadratum. In all likelihood, it won't really untangle the highly interwoven plot of the main titles, and more than that: it'll go full speed ahead into chaos. Because there is a variety of play style, many worlds are open for the player to explore. As usual, Sora will face off against the Heartless, and the “daily lives” of those characters will be explored in more depth. It somehow is KH2 It remains to be seen whether the film will have the feel of Roxas, Hayner, Pence and Olette or be more cinematic like part three. Looking forward to part four?

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