In Hrubesch's direct manner, the ÖFB brought women to their knees

Germany celebrated a 3-2 win over the Austrian women's national team in Linz and got their European Championship qualification off to the perfect start. But things looked completely different at the start of the game.

With each passing minute, the expression of Horst Hrubesch, the DFB women's team captain, grew darker and darker. That was due to the courageous behavior of the ÖFB women who scored two early goals.

Bull's “pure choice” goal brings Germany back into the game

“Austria gained momentum in the first 20 minutes,” said Clara Bull, who was to play a decisive role as the game progressed. Defender Kathryn-Julia Hendrich saw it the same way: “We pressed and played, which made Austria even stronger and made us more vulnerable. Then we pushed back and scored silly goals.”

Germany seemed toothless, especially early on. “We knew what was coming, but we didn't resist it. We weren't really in duels, we just tried to play together. We got involved in something we couldn't do,” Hrubesch concluded the first half.

The initial joy of the DFB supporters was also abruptly cut short. But Clara Bull gave the team a glimmer of hope with her goal just before the break. After the game she spoke of the goal as “pure desire”.

The foundation for a mega comeback was thus laid. Bühl again in the second half and a questionable penalty from Quinn put the DFB on the road to victory.

Hrubesh: “The team has proved it has character”

The relief between the neighbors was palpable at the end of the game: “It's important that we took the three points. The team has character and has proven that it can come back, it's really difficult to win.” Horst Hrubesch seems to have found the right words during the half-time break.

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“I think anyone who knows Horst knows he's very direct. Direct nature is good for us,” said double-baker Bühl.

Besides Bühl, Giulia Gwinn, playing as captain for the first time in Linz, played a decisive role in the DFB Women's victory with her penalty conversion. The penalty was questionable (ÖFB girls unlucky? “Didn't touch them once” >>>).

Quinn doesn't even understand the fact that the penalty should be taken back.

“I have good odds but you can never be 100 per cent sure. I try to approach it with confidence and if it doesn't work I can live with it,” the 24-year-old said.

With the Olympics in the summer, the DFB team still has a lot to do. “We know we just have to be good,” Hrubesch clarified at the end.

All involved agree that we still need to work on our self-image.

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