Filip Jelinek will do gymnastics on Servis TV in the future

Vienna (will be allowed) to launch a new program on ServeTV on April 29 – although ORF staff will still be there – confirm people familiar with the events. Discussions on this have already taken place. The commitment isn't really surprising, as Salzburg Private is the only broadcaster in Austria where the 56-year-old has never been. For now, ServusTV only said that they are “always interested in engaging sports programming”.

ORF will “match…” with new stars.

All subjects are already set on ORF: “Fit with…” program on ORF2 continues at regular time (9:05 am) – now reinforced with other audience favorites and celebrities. It starts next Monday “Dancing Star” and professional dancer Connie Gruter. Followed by, among others, former top athletes Armin Asinger, Andreas Goldberger And Hans Knauß Gymnast before “Fit with the Stars.”

It was only on Thursday evening that the public broadcaster announced a “peaceful” separation from Jelinek under labor law. The reason is the mysterious FPÖ chats that were made public during the inquiry committee. The day before Jelinek's departure, the KURIER published more unsavory details.

Mole for your own improvement

From the chats of 2018/19, it is clear that he aggressively presented himself as a mole and sent internal matters concerning the ORF and its staff to the FPÖ. After he was exposed, he went public with an unapologetic apology to his employer, contrary to ORF guidelines. Even if the winner of the ORF assessment had to be allowed, further cooperation was impossible.

“You are my guide”

Jelinek's addressee in the chats was the FPÖ leader, who was later overthrown in the Ibiza scandal Heinz Christian Strauch (“You will be my guide”). In return, the now former gymnast was hoping for a strong boost to her modest career in Kuniglberg during the black-and-blue government – and it happened. “I'm really glad we made it. If you want to see us briefly when you get back…I have some information that might be important,” Jelinek sent to Strachey.

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However, this was not enough to achieve the desired level of moderation in the “Guten Morgen Österreich” or afternoon show. But Jelinek at least had great success with his game plan. During the pandemic, it became a popular daily staple, not just for the old seers.

Sealed cans

Even at ServusTV, which is part of the Red Bull empire, for Jelinek, external silence is golden. Here they are stricter than ORF when it comes to communication. So interiors are rarely cleaned outside. However, Jelinek at ServasTV will not be anywhere near the headquarters next to Red Bull Arena with director Ferdinand Wexscheider. At ORF, Jelinek sometimes even sat in on meetings in the general administration area (“I get a lot of that said.”)

In any case, Jelinek will have to change direction – the new show can no longer be called “match with Philip”, because the trademark rights to it still belong to ORF. The collaboration between ORF and Servus is not enough to ensure that these rights are also shared – as is the case, for example, in football.

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