Börse Express – Useful tips for creating high-quality photos for an online store

  • Increase conversion rate: High-quality photos help present the product better and customers can get a detailed idea of ​​what the product actually looks like.
  • Confidence: Attractive product photos increase customer confidence in the online store and products. If the images look professional, customers are more likely to believe the product is of equal quality.
  • Search Engine Optimization: High quality photos generally help an online store's website to be found easily in search engine results. In addition to quality, image description and naming photos are important to search engines.
  • Popularity on Social Networks: Good product photos enable better distribution of products on social media, thereby reaching more customers.
  • Branding: High-quality images help your online brand look more professional and make a better impression.

As you can see, good product photos can create great added value for your online store. You may wonder what properties these images should have. First, you need to represent your product realistically. The photo should show the product from different angles and in its actual size. Secondly, the image must be of high quality, that is, the resolution must be sufficient. If you're not sure if your product photos are high resolution, that's not a problem. Below we will introduce you to a tool that can be used to create high-quality product photos.

Improving the quality of product photos: How is it possible?

To increase the resolution of photos, special programs and image enlargement tools are used. You can multiply the size and resolution of a photo in a matter of minutes. This is possible through the use of artificial intelligence. This technology recognizes different textures and complements them with new pixels. Of course, their possibilities are not limitless – you can't improve a very blurry photo with blurry edges. However, if you have average quality photos, with the help of high-level assistants you can significantly improve the aesthetic properties and reduce noise.

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An example of such an AI-driven tool is DepositPhotos Image Upscaler. You can download this free tool https://depositphotos.com/de/upscaler.html to find out. It can double the size and resolution of JPG and JPEG photos. To use it, first create an account with Depositphotos. Then upload your image and wait for the tool to improve the quality. You can compare the new image with the original image directly on the tool's website to evaluate the changes. You can download the file and use it in your webshop.

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This developer is very intuitive and suitable for users with various image editing skills. However, don't rely on advanced tools alone. They should only be used when you can't create new high-quality photos for your online store. Even if you don't want to turn to the experts, you can still get good product shots. How to do this can be found in the following section.

This is how you create high resolution and attractive images for your online store

You don't need to be a professional photographer to take good product photos. Just follow some simple recommendations. If you put enough time and patience into the process, it won't be long before the best results come!

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You can take good product photos with these tips:

  1. Use natural light. Try taking your photos during the day instead of using artificial light. This ensures a natural and realistic representation of the product's colors and textures. At the same time, uneven lighting or shadows should be avoided, which will affect the quality of the image.
  2. Take photos with a good camera. It can be a digital SLR camera or a smartphone with a good camera function.
  3. Use a tripod. This is a real must, especially for beginners. This helps keep the camera stable and avoids camera shake.
  4. Choose a white or neutral background. Such a background allows the product to stand out and avoid distractions. You need to remove all unnecessary elements in the background. This saves time when editing images.
  5. Shoot from different angles to show the product from all sides. When buying in an online store, the buyer cannot see the product in person. So it is important to give your potential customers as complete a picture of the product as possible.
  6. Edit your photos. Today, photo editing is easier than ever. Even in standard mobile apps you can enhance your photos by adjusting colors and contrast. Remember that photos should still look natural even after editing. Don't use excessive effects or filters.
  7. Creation will be. When it comes to product photography, you can take unusual approaches to draw more attention to your products and stand out from your competitors. For example, add accessories to better showcase the product.
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Product photos have a direct impact on customers' purchasing decisions. That is why it is important to publish only high-quality photos in an online store. To create good product photos for your online store, there are a few things to consider. First, the images should be well-lit, sharp and of high resolution. Second, you should photograph your product from different angles so potential customers can get a better idea of ​​the product's features. Third, take advantage of online tools like DepositPhotos' Image Upscaler to improve the quality of your photos. This turns product photos into a real asset for your online store.

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