Auburnball: Anna Netrepko taps into who-wore-it-better fall

Without much fanfare and fanfare, opera star Anna Netrepko, who mingled with guests at the Opera Ball, preferred to let her gown and her bright smile do the talking. Too bad for them: Someone else has already been praised in the fashion pages for the Givenchy pearl dream. Who can compete with Charlize Theron?

Asymmetrical Pearl Top with Deep Insights in Black Skirt – As Charlize Theron In early September For opening a Breitling store In Manhattan Apparently, the look hit the media. Style experts positively praised the South African look.

Michelle Pfeiffer thought it was “wow”.

Charlie must have liked it too. She captioned her outfit on Instagram as “Muthu Night Out.” Michelle Pfeiffer isn't the only one to discover the 1.77m “Wow” beauty. Charlize has 7.6 million followers, and the Givenchy dream was top of mind for many of them.

Almost exactly five months later, the gown made another red carpet appearance, this time in Vienna. Once again an A-list star shines in it. Opera diva Anna Netrepko shone in her work at the Opera Ball.

Unlike Charles, who paired it with a Breitling watch on the red carpet for “official” reasons, Anna opted for diamonds not only in her ear, but also in a statement bracelet.

Anna Netrebko at Givenchy Am Auburnballwhat

Anna Netrepko in Givenchy

Without question: Netrepko cut a huge figure at Givenchy. But next to Charlize Theron, everyone might have a tough time. And Vienna may not be Manhattan, but Instagram is known here.

Opera Ball 2024: Click on pictures of the stars' costumes and the opening:

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