Andelsbuch – Terrible motorcycle accident on the L200 near Andelsbuch

A 65-year-old man died in an accident on the L200.
©FW Andelsbuch

A 65-year-old motorcyclist lost his life on an L200 on Tuesday afternoon when he crashed into a small truck after an overtaking maneuver.

A tragic traffic accident occurred on the L200 in Andelsbuch early in the morning. A 65-year-old motorcyclist overtook a car. The motorcycle skidded and the driver fell down, leaving no other pedestrians injured.

After the fall, the man slid into the oncoming lane and was run over by an oncoming Mercedes Sprinter. The motorcyclist was seriously injured. Both the motorcycle and the minivan have been seized for further investigation.

Emergency services on site

Due to the accident the L200 was completely closed in the “Bersbucher Wald” area for over three hours. Traffic has been detoured. Numerous rescue personnel were on duty, including the Egg Rescue Service, a first responder, an emergency doctor, a pool doctor, a community doctor, the Andelsbuch Fire Department with 25 emergency services and four vehicles, the Libelle police helicopter, a drone team. State Police Headquarters and police forces from Egg, Bessau and Au.

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