A new problem for Boeing: the fairing came off during takeoff

New problem for US planemaker Boeing: According to the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a 737-800 had to be spun around during takeoff after the crew reported an engine cowling came loose and the wing folded. met

A Houston-bound Southwest Airlines flight returned to Denver International Airport yesterday after the incident. The incident is currently being investigated.

Southwest said all 135 passengers aboard Flight 3695 boarded another flight to Houston that was three hours late. Maintenance crews will now inspect the original engine.

In service since 2017

According to FAA records, the 737-800 entered service in early 2017. ABC News showed video showing a torn engine cover flapping in the air with a torn Southwest logo.

Boeing is under heavy scrutiny by the FAA due to various incidents. In early January, a door-sized piece of the cabin wall broke off during a 737 Max flight. A few days ago, Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun announced that he will leave the company by the end of the year.

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