8 Insider App Tips for iOS and Android

When is it good to keep your mouth shut and when is it not?

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There are applications that are known to everyone and can be found on almost every smartphone. But app stores also have hidden treasures.

For example, they do certain things better than other apps. However, judging by the download numbers, they slow down Shadow presence.

We provide these to you Internal notes Before:

  • Frostbite: iOS and Android
  • Confusion: iOS and Android
  • Vinegar: iOS and Android
  • Invasion of privacy: iOS
  • UntrackMe: Android
  • Adventure Lab: iOS and Android
  • AnyTracker: iOS and Android
  • Awareness: iOS and Android


Anyone who regularly pranks on Twitch will surely have experience with the company's official apps. While these are good enough for playing streams, the Chat on a battlefield. Since the browser extensions Better Twitch TV (BTTV) and FrankerFaceZ (FFZ) are only available for PC and are unofficial extensions, the Twitch app on iOS and Android also doesn't show their emotions.

While there haven't been any alternatives for a long time, Frosty in particular has now taken the reigns, along with Chadson. The Open source application Provides support BTTV, FFZ and 7TV, Streams can be played and allows us to customize the chat experience to our liking. Among other things, you can read deleted messages, delay the chat and adjust the layout and font.

If we log into the app with our Twitch account, we can see all the streams we've followed and safely bypass the official app. Features and Continuous improvements Over the past few months, this app has become my first port of call for Twitch content.

Frosty is free iOS And Android Available.


2023 is all about artificial intelligence. Especially the Chatbots Many are drawn to chatbots with excitement and trepidation as new capabilities are just around the corner. While the most popular offshoots, ChatGPT, Google Bard or Bing Chat, sometimes act very differently, the offerings are very similar. Chaos wants something here Variety Bring everyday AI to life.

Confusion is one of the biggest points of criticism, sometimes missing and sometimes insufficient evidence, one of the main points. If we ask AI based on GPT-4, they will tell us proof's The response was delivered before it was fully implemented. In addition to resources, the app also provides media content on relevant topics, intended not only to answer questions but also to break up what are often long texts.

Along with Copilot, Perplexity also offers interactive searches where we can choose from inputs to get better answers from the AI. The Voice search As much as possible Follow up question. A dedicated Discover tab also provides insights into frequently asked questions.

But Perplexity's offer comes at a huge price. The subscription costs 22 euros per month or 229 euros per year.

Confusion free iOS And Android Available. A subscription is required to fully use the app.

Vinegar – Tube cleaner

2023 is a year of change for some online platforms. While YouTube has long been a stable host, for the first time The thumbs Attracts users with ad blockers. The near-simultaneous price hikes for YouTube Premium in multiple markets have angered many in particular.

The Vinegar Safari extension comes in between and brings some peace to everyday YouTube life. Vinegar replaces the player and enables only this Ad-free video consumption, Further Picture-in-picture And Audio streams I am Background Very possible.

Once the app is activated through Safari settings, we don't need to do any settings. Regular updates will ensure continuity, even if future changes are made by YouTube.

Vinegar is about 1.99 euros iOS Available.

Privacy Redirect/UntrackMe

While YouTube is currently only fighting against ad blockers, X (formerly Twitter) has shot the bird this year. From the point of view of many users, the site has deteriorated significantly and is caused by such changes Affordability Verification, Only partially edible. While some users have completely turned their backs on the platform, others are unable or unwilling to fully switch to it Mass of information Discount.

If you want to read threads or posts from time to time, you can Privacy Friendly Alternatives was set up. The Privacy Redirect and UntrackMe apps allow you to read content on X without visiting the site. Instead we will refer to what is called Privacy-frontends Forwarded, which represents our posts and content, without X ever finding out about our visit.

Runs under the name Open Source Frontend RivetsBut YouTube (blindly), reddit (Libretto) or TikTok (Proxidoc) can be redirected like this. While respective platforms can always make changes to disrupt these front-ends, so far all the alternatives have been more or less bold.

PrivacyRedirect costs about 1.99 euros iOS Available. UntrackMe is free Android Available.

Adventure Lab

The Adventure Lab app gives us the opportunity to add some variety to our lives Study tours with. Through digital scavenger hunts we can become familiar and perfect around the world Foreign places Let it lead. To participate in one of these adventures, all we need to do is download the app and share our location.

If someone has already created a tour nearby, it will be shown to us on the map with an orange dot. Behind the tours you can Riddle, Stories Or just Simple guides Hide, it is intended to bring us closer to places in different ways. Even at our own doorsteps, apps can help us get to know our surroundings in a new way.

Adventure Lab is free iOS And Android Available.


Anyone walking in the digital world is inundated with data left and right. No matter what we do, there is information everywhere that interests us and that we can do Follow along want What is the price of my favorite dress now? Will energy prices fall again? We answer these questions every day, sometimes often Hourly visits of websites. AnyTracker app works for us here.

With a very simple operation, we can save pages of content that we want to monitor in AnyTracker. For example, if it is the price of a product, we navigate through the pages through the application and mark the element to be tracked. AnyTracker stores and retrieves information Automatic updates From that element on the website. If it's pure text, AnyTracker will notify us of new texts via push.

If numbers like prices are involved, it doesn't just get new numbers: AnyTracker actually generates them Gradient graphics and calculates the conversions for us. For me personally, it's a hidden gem and a favorite among mainstream apps this year.

AnyTracker subscription starts at 2.99 Euro. At the same time, the lifetime version is offered at a one-time price of 39.99 euros.

AnyTracker is free iOS And Android Available.


This year Google presented Aware with a Hidden Gem Award. Awareness is a non-profit application mental health, well-being and memory. To do this, we find sessions on various topics in the app, including “Improving Relationship Skills,” “Managing Fears and Stress” and “Making Better Decisions.”

These topics are constantly replenished in the form of new content Texts, graphics, videos and audios to be provided. We can keep a journal and participate in guided meditations.

This application is suitable for beginners and those who have already dealt with the topic in more detail. Non-profit Swedish system Behind the app promises that the data stays only on our device. Registration is not required to participate.

Awareness is free iOS And Android Available.

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